Ital Beatport


DJ Ital began his musical journey at an early age playing Reggae and Soul with his fathers Killing Sound System. Fusing with Lees High Power Sound System, Ital gained increasing notoriety for his involvement with Jah Tubby and Stone Love sound business and attracted a dedicated following. In 1988, at venues such as the legendary Wonderland warehouse parties in East London, Ital involved himself with Hard Core/Acid House music and it inspired him to get further into the scene. A stint on Leyton Community Radio station led to a regular spot on underground pirate station Rush FM, where Ital gained valuable experience and secured DJ residences at major events Jungle Mania, Thunder & Joy and Telepathy to name but a few. He went on to play at parties as diverse as Glastonbury Festival, Loco in London and internationally at Jungle Fever in Switzerland. He has recently been asked to play at the Champion of Champions and Soul Intention Antigua Experience in May 2007 following his contribution at Tenerife Uncovered. Under the alias of K.Power, Ital began producing his own music; most significantly the smash hit Decibel for the highly successful Kool FM album. This position generated extensive media interest from mainstream press both at home and abroad and led to DJ sets at all the major raves. Ital has since played at the True Playaz nights at Fabric, Movement at Bar Rumba, Helter Skelter, Atomics and the MC Convention. He has also played global festivals in Lille, France, and the Just Dance Festival in Greece. DJ Ital represents a new age and new wave of artists who are holding their own and gaining the respect they deserve from the scenes finest DJs and producers. Managing his own label, Diverse Recordings, hes taking his music right across the Drum n Bass spectrum from jazzy vocal tracks to hard dancehall smashers and dub vibes. Ital engineers and produces by himself but there are also several big projects with other DJs, vocal artists and labels in production. He has many new tracks in the pipeline and intends to release an album by mid next year. Itals first release for the label is a two-on-one from Dope Dragon / Grid artist, Surge, backed with a fresh slice of vinyl from Ital himself entitled Mutants Return and Get into It respectively. With such an explosive entry to the scene, the Diverse labels already making waves and is being represented at venues across the country and beyond. Ital is a true player of the dancehall.