˝I have dedicated my life to a music.˝ But how did it all begin? Well, he was born at the end of seventies in Sarajevo. In the middle of eighties when ˝video killed a rad... read more
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˝I have dedicated my life to a music.˝

But how did it all begin?

Well, he was born at the end of seventies in Sarajevo. In the middle of eighties when ˝video killed a radio star˝ he got hooked up to the music by listening world hits served by MTV. How the years were going by, enchanted by sampled beats and synthetic sounds, he discovered small group of enthusiasts (a.p. sound) and later on they became pioneers of electronic dance music in Sarajevo. Spending time with these guys during the siege was crucial and it has opened gates of music universe for him. Sharing experience with them has escalated into cooperation and recording a single song called ˝Little ninja˝ which was published by radio ZID on ˝Sarajevo under the siege 2˝ compilation. In those days of war madness music was his only gateway out.

In 1994 group of U.K.’s DJ’s and producers called Desert Storm and Spiral Tribe came to Sarajevo and they have dropped first real underground parties. That was a milestone in Ismix life. Teamed up with his friend Nane (who was also part of a.p. sound and later on Ismix and Nane have been settled under the name Treba mi bass) they started to produce music, organize parties and run radio shows about electronic music on eFM student radio. This tradition is still going on. In 1998 he perfects his dj skills in Joss Crocks’ workshop while spinning music that he admires the most – break-beat and drum and bass. By the time he has explored and played many other electronic music genres such as progressive, speed garage house, tech-house, techno, etc. Today you can hear mix of these genres in music played and produced by Ismix.

In all these years, besides playing in various clubs, private parties and after-parties in Sarajevo, across Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, many good friendships and partnerships were fruited with people who were involved in electronic music and other music genres.

He and Disconisco from Sarajevo (together known as Neesmo) were experimenting for years with electronic music in their home studios and beside other songs they also made debut single ˝Cyberia˝ published on BedroomRecords09. Ismix and Mirens made deep house remix of a song ˝Vamos Vamos˝ made by Solunamanalia from Japan which was also published on Bedroomrecords09. Ismix and Muhaman (Erogene zone) joined their forces to perform live shows in progressive house style. They also remixed song ˝Sarajevo˝ by rock band Erogene Zone which gained a huge success. Afterwards it was remixed by Marko Baljkaš and Jakša Pavičević. Jakša decided to publish them on his label A must have Records. Ismix also was involved in remixing a song called ˝Reconnect˝ of dub step band Velahavle from Sarajevo, that turns out to be his favorite drum and bass remake. He turned upside-down a song called ˝Song for you˝ originally made by DJ and producer Alen Bajd from Dubrovnik where he got a dub-house flavor for a result. Some other cooperation also shouldn’t be forgotten like those with BiH artists: Billain, DJ Max maha, DJ Kenan from SA, DJ Fera J.F., DJ el Mano, Don Guido, RE*publika, Sarajevo drum orchestra and also with Croatian funk band Valetudo from Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Sounds Better crew and Audiometric from Dubrovnik and many others.