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Ismael Rivas

Madrid, Spain

House, Progressive House

AKA: Riva

Aeromusic, Alma Soul Music, Armada Music
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Ismael Rivas aka Riva

Biography: Ismael’s favorite style of music has always been clear: house music.

DJ and producer, he started his musical career in 1992 at his first club, Bolshoi. But Ismael’s big break came when he found the world famous club Archy in Madrid, where smart and fashionable people used to meet and listen to the most avant garde dance music styles of the moment, funky and house.

From there, Ismael Rivas became a resident of many of the most important venues and clubs of the Spanish capital, like Bocaccio, OH! Empire and started a 4 year long relationship with OH!Marbella. He has had the marvelous opportunity of sharing sessions with many prestigious DJs; Funk D’Void, David Morales, Pete Heller and many more, which gave him the chance to experience the international world of house music and to bring it to Spain.

“That was my chance to make people dance – then I could bring it to Spain and make my Spanish family dance”, he emphasizes.

In 1997 he started working as the resident in Space of Sound, the matinal Sunday sessions belonging to one of the most important promotional groups in the country: FSM Group. Whilst at Space of Sound @ Macumba, Ismael established his uniquely personal style, a style which has evolved over the last 8 years, from Latin & tribal sounds to the most electronic and futuristic, with a special love of progressive house, deep trance, and tech/house. His distinguished guests have included: Laurent Garnier, Peace Division, Deep Dish, Steve Lawler, Roger Sanchez, Satoshi Tomiie, Carlos Manaca, Matthew Dekay, Morillo and many more. Ismael, though, is especially proud of sharing the DJ booth with his Spanish colleagues Wally Lopez, Oscar de Rivera, Dimas aka D-Formation, Chus & Ceballos, Dj Oliver or Cristian Varela.

Another important aspect of Ismael’s professional career is his work with radio; his various collaborations and even his own radio program, Only House Music, in 2003.

In addition to his residences, Ismael is proud to have been able to develop his sets as a guest DJ in the most prestigious clubs in and out of his country: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Le Confesion Paris,[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Marraquech,Rabat

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

At the end of 2002 Ismael became one of the resident DJs in the famous Ministry of Sound. With the opening of this famous club in Madrid, he shared the DJ booth with the classic DJs of MOS like Smokin Jo, Paul Jackson, Spencer Broughton, Terry Farley,

Angel Morales, Lottie, Paulette or Marc Hugues.

On Sunday Ismael shares his sessions at Space of Sound and can also can be found at Danzoo, a Saturday night set influenced by progressive and electronic rhythms.

Ismael is now sharing his time as DJ with his production work. This began in 2001, with the company WorIdentity Music, working with his studio mate, Roman Lieske. Nowadays, he has produced for the labels: maxidentity-house, maxidentity-tech and Danzoo Records and has made some remixes for different people like D-Formation or Adolf Marsan.

At Christmas 2002 he released, with his old workmate Alvaro Espinosa, the first compilation from Space of Sound. This is a double CD which contains the essence of the best flavors from Space of Sound. A soon-to-be-completed project for this year, 2004, he have been working in his 2 last release, with the aka 4method, “reset&scan” for Danzoo Records, maxi which will be used to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Space of Sound. At the end of the summer of 2004 the second volume of the compilation Space of Sound Sessions vol. 2 was released in conjunction with Oscar de Rivera. This includes a vision of how music has evolved the in the 10 years at Space up until today.

The promotional tour will be held during the summer of 2004 till the end of the year.

His next projects for 2005 will be again different releases for danzoo records “remember the past” a electronic track agree with the new tendencies; and a new cd with a very famous Spanish deejay…….. on a special compilation “space made in Spain”.

In this new year 2005, Ismael has been nominated for the best Spanish dj magazine “Deejay Magazine”, like best house dj, best newcomer and best Spanish dj, in appreciation to his large career. He has too a new Saturday night residence at Danzoo, an electronic music club for fanatic dancing clubbers, this experience its a big challenge for him.

As the same time Ismael works for FSM he works too with the pseudo Riva, for international productions with other labels and companies; for last year 2004 he had presented: D-Formation vs Riva “work together” for Stereo Productions; the prestigious label of Chus & Ceballos, a track which will be included in the compilation Renaissance 2 mixed by Sander Kleinenberg; another maxi as Riva “day light” for the Spanish top label Beat Freak Recordings(d-formation’s label).

His new incoming release for 2005: Riva in trance for zoomer community records. Riva rock your body for esquisitech recordings. Riva take control Formula rec. Riva susan nite and evolution Improgressive rec. Soon we will see more projects for La Factoria or Intenso Recordings… Actually his is working together with Wally Lopez at his radio program “La Factotia” all the Tuesdays from 22:00 to 00:00 at 99.1 Loca FM radio station, locafm. He is working too like manager and a&r for La Factoria Discos and Formula Records.

He has started his international way thanked to an international dj agency which he has done his fist gigs.