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Antwerp, Belgium

Atmosphere, Building Records - Worldwide
Ishtar Beatport

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Ishtar was introduced to the Belgian partyscene around 2000, being 17 years old at the time. After some musical exploring, he kickstarted the Purple Snow events together with Roscoe Deem, wich featured Progressive style line-ups with none other than Son Kite, Ticon and more. This also earned him a spot on the Chech-based label Tribal Vision.

Later, in 2009 Jochem Peterson (A&R of Atmosphere Records) asked him to represent his label. Under his guidance Ishtar took his first steps inside a studio wich lead to the release of their “Lingala” track. More or less simultaneously he joined the Feestgedruis-collective where he was introduced to the deeper soundscapes.

From there Ishtar’s dj-career exploded wich enabled him to play abroad (Germany, Holland, Mexico, France, Croatia) and at some of Belgian’s finest clubs such as Fuse, SILO, Decadance & Café d’ Anvers.

Next to dj’ing Ishtar has always organised his own events. Together with some of his best friends Ishtar founded the notorious “Nu Festival” (2010, 2011,2012), an open air event wich took place in the beginning of September. These days, next to some other projects, he’s also hosting the ‘Vederlicht’ concept in Antwerp.

Ishtar vouches for a deep & crispy tech-house sound with sturdy basslines and melodic synths. Don’t miss out on this!