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Isaa K Escamilla

Mexico, Mexico

House, Techno

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Born in Mexico City, and moved to Cancun at 9 years old, Isaak Escamillas interest in music began at a very young age when he first got as gift a keyboard.

His first electronic influence bands were Depeche Mode and The Cure. Then he got closer to EDM at the end of 90s with the arrival in Mexico of some European Compilations containing tracks of huge Djs. like Sasha, Digweed, just to name a few.

He initially started as a bedroom Dj using a simple software, later he got a Mixer and started to combine dj setup & software, that helped him to start recording sets for his friends, thanks to that Isaak got his first Radio Show called Progressive Sense in a USA based Radio Station also he got his first residency at Glazz Lounge Club where he develop a unique mixing style based in Progressive, Deep House & House…

After natural disaster Wilma in Cancun, Glazz was closed and he started to play in Wayan Lounge printing to that place of good taste in music and rhytm.

Also he started to get invitations in known Radio Shows as a Guestmixer. After getting heard by people he got an invitation by a Polish based Radio Station called to rebroadcast the very tasty sets of Progressive Sense and he happily accepted the offer to retransmit it to the european listeners.

Isaak did not only took ahead projects alone; he started a show with a peruvian friend, Pablo Iturry, on Pure.Fm called Incaztek Sessions that came to an end after a year of success. After the ending of Incaztek Isaak started to work and share likes with a mexican DJ Producer Ivan Bustamante aka RedLoft; they both started to work in production of original tracks and remixes, the need for alias emerged and they decided to name its duo ?Eyecorp? , then the idea of making a show together came up, Pure.Fm invite them to join the Radio and they started Eyecorp Sessions, a one hour mix full of melodic progressive sounds by the duo & followed up by one hour guestmix. Focusing on production full time, Eyecorp will release soon original tracks.

Productions by Isaak Escamilla will be soon available in Ocean Drive Records an American based label & on PurpleCat Digital a mexican based label which has already invite him to join the staff working as A&R.