Being a musical enthusiast for as long as he can remember, Irish discovered the joy of underground electronic music in the very beginning of the 90's. By '93, thanks to som... read more


Location: Malmö, Sweden Sweden
Genre: Trance

Being a musical enthusiast for as long as he can remember, Irish discovered the joy of underground electronic music in the very beginning of the 90’s. By ’93, thanks to some friends, Irish was introduced to underground parties and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere, the people and most importantly, the music. It was at these parties, during the first years of his electronic music experience, that his feelings for trance music started to grow and soon evolved into a great passion. At the end of ’93, together with his friends, Irish started dabbling in party promotions and has been actively involved in the local rave scene ever since.

Having experienced trance music mostly on the dance-floor, Irish started to prefer the kind of uncompromising trance that would flood your mind with emotions and fill your body with energy. Music that made you want to continue dancing, no matter how tired you were. If it had a rough edge to it, it was even better. This simple preference is the foundation of what Irish works very hard to give every dance floor.

After spending a couple of years as a passionate party-goer, Irish noticed that his love for trance was not going anywhere and just going to parties wasn’t cutting it any more. He started to look for ways of getting involved in a more creative way and bought his first turntables in late ’96. Since then his goal has been to bring to the dance floor a taste of all the fantastic and ecstatic moments he had the fortune to experience himself.

With his blend of energetic, uplifting and pumping hard beats Irish has gotten great responses from all kinds of dance floors. Starting as a strictly underground DJ, spinning at loads of local parties, Irish has gone from strength to strength. Locally, he is the most repeated act at the biggest regular trance event in town, Club Amnesia, in addition to a weekly spot on the local radio station. He also holds several residencies on internationally acclaimed internet radio stations. One of them is Digitally Imported Radio. The biggest trance radio on the net where Irish also is a staff member. Other artists sharing time slots on DI Radio are John ’00 Flemming, Ronski Speed, Above & Beyond, Plastic Angel and Neo & Farina.

The year 2002 was a great year for Irish as he got his breakthrough as an International DJ with repeat gigs in both USA and Egypt. The year 2003 has so far been meeting all expectations with three gigs in the U.S., one in Denmark at the famous Club Gorgeous and 2 high-profile gigs in Turkey. The first was together with Dutch DJ/Producer Johan Gielen at the big event hall, “The Venue” in Istanbul. The 2nd a headlining gig at the famous Club 20 in Ankara.