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Amsterdam, Netherlands

House, Progressive House

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As a hypno- en regressiontherapist, I used to work with Shamanistic techniques like trancedance and soul retrieval. Later on I added electronic dancemusic to these ancient rituals. I found out that specific music can be very helpful exploring the unconsciousness. Like a Mother Earth heartbeat, it can bring you back to, for example, the energetic womb. (Which gives one the opportunity to make conscious what has been unconscious.)

My mixing techniques were zero. I started one cd by another.

In that same period I spend hours on the Dutch dancefloors. And to me all the dj’s I saw were therapists.

The ambition to become a dj was born!

When now dj-ing in a club, I know the music works deep into the crowd. To someone the music can be healing, relaxing, therapeutic, psychedelic, and what else.

They say dancing is one of the most origin ways to contact the one you really are. When one becomes one with the dance, it’s possible to experience another dimension of time and space. The dj plays a very important roll in that process. And I’m so glad I’m part of this…!