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Ion Ludwig


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Since January 2010 Ion “Loudwiggle” Ludwig is back on old Dutch soils. Berlin kept it’s promise and turned out to be infinitive space and time.

His album " Free K. Loudwiggle " on Quagmire LTD last year closed the Berlin chapter. Impressions and experiences were translated to the artistic content of the album.

Looking out for new paths in music, time and space had to be redefined.

Smoking less joints, having no internet and a girlfriend licking his fingers Ions music now is getting more divers both conceptual. Time in his D-Town studio is surrounded by space. The river and church outside Ions Inn are part of the new path’s entourage.

With gigs in New York, Tokyo, Geneva, Zurich, Berlin, London, Milan, Munich and a dozen other cities in Europe his live act got form to a solid deep dance floor set.

Ions discography exceeding 30 EP’s and remixes. Planning looks like records will be released on Meander, Trelik, Soweso and Be Chosen this year.