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Invisible Reality


IONO MUSIC, Plusquam Records, Synergetic Records
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Invisible Reality was born in 2002 when Shamil Abramov and Igor Sorin started to work together, they released and felt that something mysterious happening to their music and people should to see their reality through their music ! Shamil was born in Azerbaijan in 1981 and emigrated to Israel in 1994 , Igor was born in Belarusin 1985 and emigrated too to Israel in 1990 to northern city Maalot where he met Shamil. In 2007 they signed at German label IONO music and already released many tracks also debut album “Visibility” in 2009 that showed progressive music fans new point of 2011 they released their second album “Parallel fantasy” which gave people new unique sound of Invisible Reality.

IR already played abroad in counties like Germany,Switzerland,Denmark Invisible Reality promise never stop making and improve their music and allways be original !

Each of them (Shamil and Igor ) has his own skills to make magic in their music.Igor completely gorgeous musician and composer that learned music from early age,Shamil great technical power and sound skills and together they make magic music.Invisible Reality can be described as Psychedelic Progressive and Mystic magic music that enters you to reality that u cannot see without this music.

Just play it and enter !