[Insomnia - Definition: Unable to fall asleep] Since seeing the light in October 1978, Insomnia, aka Genevive Guitard, has always loved to dance. Impassioned by everythi... read more
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Location: Montreal, Canada Canada
Genre: Hard Dance, Trance

[Insomnia – Definition: Unable to fall asleep]

Since seeing the light in October 1978, Insomnia, aka Genevive Guitard, has always loved to dance. Impassioned by everything artistic, she has studied and been driven by music since entering high school, making the art form her life.

In 1994, at the age of 16, Insomnia discovered turntables for the first time, the beginning of an ever-growing love affair with electronic music. This led her to live her ever-growing passion to the hilt by listening and studying the best artists at afterhour clubs and parties across the province of Quebec.

DJ Name:

Finding a DJ name was not an easy task, especially since it had to represent both her personality and her style. After months of research, not yet finding the right moniker, she simply could not fall asleep one particular night, and it simply donned on her: Insomnia. The choice was perfect since her fiery passion and desire to make people dance the night away had carried her for quite some time.


As a promoter, she organized her first event in the summer of 2001: VIBE. The event was a turning point in Insomnia’s career, as her passion for electronic music grew to a much higher level than she could ever imagine.

She would later go on to organize SILVER, a New Year’s Eve staple on the Montral calendar since 2002, now attracting over 1,000 people, as well the famous MASCARADE , a Halloween staple. The events would make Insomnia one of the most respected independent DJ/promoters in Montral and the province of Quebec.

Musical Style:

It’s impossible to link Insomnia to any particular musical style since she strongly believes that a DJ must throw his or her soul to a dancefloor.

‘As a DJ, I constantly try to assimilate my soul to that of the people moving on the dancefloor. The ’vibe’ is always different from one event to the next, so this ‘vibe’ must evolve throughout my set. I must adapt my style in order to be able to transport the dancers to my musical universe.’

Affectionately nicknamed ‘The Queen of Trance’ by her peers, this has allowed Insomnia to elevate to a point where she is one of the most in-demand DJs in the trance/tech-trance scene. Furthermore, since she has no fear to venture into techno and electro, with occasional forays into hot and sensual vocal adventures, Insomnia’s unique style one has made her one of the key pioneers in the province of Quebec.

What is most important to Insomnia is to keep her dancefloor constantly energized, carrying the crowd with her special ‘feminine touch’ to a constant flux throughout any night, as inspired by such international DJs as Armin Van Burren, Ferry Corsten, Sander Van Doorn, Fred Baker, Pascal Feliz, Dave202, Sean Tyas and many more, creating her unique style.

Of course, her greatest strengths are her superior musical choices, the mixing marriage of one track into the next, her overall technique, and certainly, her versatility. Insomnia knows what a crowd desires, and delivers every time. Every time her magical hands touch turntables, the night is a guaranteed success !!!