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Insect Elektrika, one of the first Czech minimal live acts ever, has become already one of the icons on Czech scene. Its founders, Martin Vodicka and Jan Vaclavik, after first meeting in the high school, find out that except same humor they have another same hobby – music. For great enthusiasm into minimal music they decided to establish the project Insect Elektrika in the year 2002.

Premiere live performance took place in the year 2006 at KLIKA party (organized by DJ Subsist) where guys reaped the first success and that brings a number of other offers for shows, for instance Subclub (Bratislava), Roxy (Prague) or Fleda (Brno). A year later, gentlemen released the first free EP on Wazzotic records and launched own minimal night called Bubbles, which successfully continues till today and has hosted lots great artists (such as Philipp Wolgast, Miss Sunshine, Easy Changes, Moog Conspiracy etc.).

In 2008, released the second free EP, this time on the German label Vekton. The year 2009 is the year of change, since there is extension of the facilities for live performances and the light of the world sees more releases on labels Tracer Records Minimatracx Recordings and BWG records. Also present for first time their live performance in Germany, where enjoy great success.Their rapid rise in production is not suppressed in 2010, when the gentlemen release further releases on labels all over Europe (Monocline Records, Minimal and Melodies Music, Paria Records and Underscore).

Live performances of Insect Elektrika are always very unusual, because guys love the experiments. Their sound is influenced by many producers and artists, mainly German, but guys certainly no secret that they give space to their feelings and moods, which make almost all their performances unforgettable.