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Music has always been his great passion.

His metamorphosis from the sounds of Punk Rock, New Wave and New Romantic, leads him up the path towards the world of electronic music; the world which so romantically rebellious under the banner of most enjoyable eccentricities. This indeed is his line of music.

He has been mostly influenced by such artistic fluids like those presented by Martin Lee Gore and Depeche Mode, remaining, however, always open and receptive to all new and valuable trends.

Insaneman constantly insists on transforming his music, but at the same time, shows his genuine individuality which makes his performances impossible to imitate.

The musician’s inborn charisma and professional technique turn his d-jay’s performances into high-quality shows filled with the enthusiastic support provided by the audience.

For more than 7 years, he has been scratching his vinyl records on a great number of events, both as a stand-alone performer star or accompanied by his mates: Innate*, Andy Moor*, Leama*, Delta ,Nuno dos Santos , Tino Morgado, and well-know artists like Mad Max, Remy, Narcotic Thrust, Uniting Nation, Jonathan Ulysses, Eric Prydz, just to mention a few of them.

On regular basis, he presents his own sets on the Polish Radio.

Besides, he was a co-producer of “Vinyl records – Love not Lost” – a documentary made for the Polish television TVP.

He has published 5 mix compilations, with the most valued one entitled “The Winter Time Optimist” gathering the most renowned performers like Luke Chable , Quivver , Andy Moor , Central Rush , Steve May , Peter McCovan . The same pieces by the same composers were also published in compilation sets such as Paul Van Dyk , Tiesto , Andy Moor .

His live-lasting artistic blaze casts him, as an invisible wave, into new and even more absorbing circles of the world music creators, which makes the development of his talent even more spectacular.

The launch of Insaneman’s producer career was marked by his friendship with an esteemed and interesting duet of Leama & Moor, which in this case consolidated his professional knowledge on the work at a recording studio; thanks to the great friendship with Andy Moore and his engineering help, he completes the session at The Chamber Studios – the home of such famous artist like Quivver ,Tilt, Redanka ,Tarrentella ,Leama or Soul Mechanik.

Insaneman is the only Polish performer who has had the privilege to work in this cult studio.

His first single “we are one” hits the top list at the Lost Fm radio ,however, it has only been published as a club anthem for the promotion campaigned organized by Heineken; it was also published free of charge as part of “Ibiza Hits” & “Giga Hits” sets by the Hit&Hot records.

His second single is published under the name of Iman at the Method records. “We are U” reaches 22nd place on the top download progressive house at Beatport. The single has also gained recognition by being included in the sets of such artists like Markus Schulz , C-Jay , Eelke Klejn, and Jon O?biR.

All these achievements motivate him even more to spend countless hours in a recording studio creating new projects and giving his audience all the best that the Iman music has to offer.