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“Inpetto create amazing productions with a fantastic balance of beautiful melodies and power for the dancefloor.” – Axwell

When one of dance music’s leading exponents sings your praise people should take note. In a relatively short period of time siblings Marco and Dirk Duderstadt have built a name for themselves that’s propel them to the forefront of the European house movement. Yet unlike many that have sold out to commercialism or believed their own hype, the boys from Dorsten, Germany, have never strayed far from their original blueprint, and it’s that level consistency that has made them a clear favourite amongst their peers, and elevated them to critical acclaim as producers, remixers and DJs.

“They did a great job on the ‘Everytime We Touch’ remix of my single (with Steve Angelo & Sebastian-ingrosso/">Sebastian Ingrosso)… they’re fantastic producers.” – David Guetta

No strangers to commercial success they also make up two-thirds of the dance act Fragma, who alongside Hardfloor alumni Ramon Zenker, topped just about every club chart in 1999 with their debut release, ’Toca’s Miracle’. A year later they reached the apex of the coveted UK singles chart with the re-issue, while their album, ‘Toca’, proved they were no one-hit wonders yielding further hits including the top five singles ‘Everytime You Need Me’ and ‘You Are Alive’. While always keen to keep one-foot in the underground, the brothers also record under the Duderstadt moniker that invariably finds the EDM community salivate over their acclaimed trance and cutting edge electronica productions; Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren and Ferry Corsten just three of the heavyweight names regularly supporting their music.

“Inpetto and Duderstadt are among the most consistent producers in the progressive and trance genres.” – Above & Beyond

But it’s as Inpetto, the nom de plume of their more progressive orientated house material, that the duo is now fully focusing their attention. It was originally back in 1999, having hit on the Inpetto name (it’s an Italian translation of the Latin in pectoral: ‘in the secret of the heart’) that they recorded their debut, ‘Brahmaputra’, that was subsequently released by No Respect. Although it would take a further eight-years (spent promoting Fragma) before the boys finally returned to issue their sophomore single, ‘Mocking Cliffchat’, on their own Boorsheece Records imprint.

Post production on a handful of releases the last few years has been widely acclaimed, including remixes for David Guetta with Angello & Ingrosso ‘Everytime We Touch’, Andrea Doria & LXR ‘The Beauty Of Silence’, Moguai ‘Beatbox’, Who’s Who – ‘Klack’, Paul Van Dyk ‘For An Angel’, Meck ‘So Strong’ and Armin van Buuren ‘If You Should Go’. Additionally they added a new twist to their own epochal recording, ’Toca’s Miracle’, in the process helping it return to the UK top 20 singles chart for an impressive third time.

“Their remix of ‘So Strong’ is probably the best mix I commissioned in 2008. They have a style that appeals across the board… sonically they’re up there with the best.” – Craig Dimech, Meck

“Inpetto are absolute leading producers in the EDM scene with their brilliant combination of house beats, the overall progressive feel of the tracks, plus the little trance touch they add to their productions. For us they are showing amazing skills over and over again, absolute DJ champions league!” – Cosmic Gate

Inpetto’s ever expanding discography will add a plethora of further mixes before we say farewell to 2009: “They do amazing work with vocals that’s why I asked them to remixed my new single ’Closer To The Sun,” says Miami house don Robbie Rivera. “I play a lot of Inpetto’s music as it’s always the right mixture of progressive house and tech house.”

“Without a doubt they’re one of my favourite production duos of the last few years. They’ve made a remarkable impact in a short amount of time, shaping dancefloors across the globe with their unique progressive sound,” adds Morgan Page who’s upcoming single, ‘Strange Condition’ will also feature an Inpetto mix.

As to their own productions, up next are a brace of singles for Big & Dirty Records in Holland – ‘The Milky Way’ is due in August, with ‘Catwalk’ a month later.

Add into the equation a hectic DJ itinerary that’s recently featured six dates in Brazil, a trio in Australia, a Columbian tour with Tocadisco and Dirty South and the Czech Festival in St Petersburg with Pete Tong and Kaskade. Forthcoming dates include Robbie Rivera’s Juicy Night at Privilege in Ibiza among a long list of other festivals and events and it’s clear to see that 2009 is fast becoming Inpetto’s most successful year yet.

“Great producers, and great guys, we have played together on a gig, and they are super nice brothers! Musically, I like their style, and I’m proud they remixed ‘The Storm’ for me!” – Jerry Ropero