Top 25k on The DJ List


Eskilstuna, Sweden


Ingela Beatport


A dancer turned DJ. Swedens DJ Ingela has been Djing for six years. She started broadcast radio at the tender age of 15 due to an interest in journalism. Soon she realized that the music was her main passion and spends more time doing play lists than preparing interviews. To this day, her tight, soulful mixture of house and US garage has been heard on some of the best clubs and radio stations worldwide.

In reality her journey into clubland begun in 1995, when she went to Japan and ended up exploring a music scene not like anything she came across in Sweden. Music is a language of it’s own – but the love of HOUSE music actually made me learn Japanese, says Ingela, whose first Japanese phrase was “Sumimasen, kono recodo ga kikitai desu” meaning “Excuse me, I’d like to listen to this record”.

From Japan to Australia – being desperate for new house music and finding nothing in the CD shops “Down Under” awakened her curiosity for other formats and 1995 Ingela bought her first 12-inch-record, “Frankie Knuckles pres. Adeva – Whadda U Want From Me” at Reachin’ Records in Sydney. After years of traveling, clubbing and heavy record shopping Ingela finally returned to Sweden and decided to start Djing herself in 1998. Spending countless hours at home perfecting her craft made her take the dance floor by storm already on her first major gig.

DJ Ingela is the founder of, a community dedicated to the best in house and garage. She is also one of the broadcasters on CyberJamz internet radio, also home to DJ Pope, Soul Oasis, Jon Cutler, Brian Tappert, Lars LB Behrenroth, Hippie Torales and many others. She also has a weekly radioshow on Radio Eskilstuna dedicated to the music she loves. She still takes every opportunity to dance, both in the DJ booth and on the dance floor and are known for her positive energy and flawless mixing.