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San Francisco, United States

AKA: Djinfinitee

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Ever since his first rave experience at 15 in San Francisco’s Haze Theater, Sean Rojas (a.k.a. djinfinitee, Infinitee, Sean Infinitee) has been moved by the music, the vibe, and the emotional journey a DJ can take you on. Inspired early on by the sounds of artists like Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaata, Grand Master Flash, and Herbie Hancock during the break-dance revolution, Sean has held a deep appreciation for electronic music since his early youth.After becoming a regular at parties within the San Francisco rave scene in the early 90’s, Sean became more and more interested in what was going on behind the decks. Influenced heavily by the sounds of local San Francisco legends Jeno, DJ Dan, Garth, Carlos and Dutch, Sean and three of his best friends put their funds together and got a pair of decks and mixer. Fueled by his passion for the music, he took advantage of any opportunity to spin-getting his feet wet at local house parties within the SF Bay Area from early 1993 through early 1995-playing everything from House, to Breaks, and early Techno.

After 2 years of bedroom DJing and playing house parties, Sean was ready for prime time. In February of 1995, he made his official debut when he and his three friends threw their first party called “Ravers in Wonderland” playing along side the very same artists who inspired him in the very beginning.Fast forwarding almost 14 years, Sean eventually found his niche playing Nu-Skool breakbeat, and achieved his career defining moment when he won the Breaks FM International DJ Competition in 2003 and played along side the likes of; Public Enemy, Orbital, Jay Cunning, Atomic Hooligan, The Autobots, Deekline, Skool of Thought, The Lawgiverz, and more at the “Esparrago Rock Festival” in Spain. After proving his worth on the decks, he was offered a spot on the renowned internet radio station, and became the first U.S. breaks DJ to host a weekly show on Breaks FM. His 3 Turntable live show “Thee Tilt! Sessions” became known as one of Breaks FM’s Premier shows, running 2 hours weekly 3 years in a row with past live guests including Kraddy, NAPT, The Autobots, Carbon Community, Fine Cut Bodies, Influenza, High Eight, Cause ‘N FX, and more.

While not only working hard at pushin’ breaks via the internet airwaves, Sean played an integral part at building the breakbeat scene within NYC. He partnered with local D’n’B crew Direct Drive and local up and coming DJ Wavewhore to produce NYC’s longest successful breaks weeklies “Hit the Breaks,” “Unbreakable,” “Redline,” and other one-off nights at the Sullivan Room. Holding a residency at Sullivan Room from 2003-2006, he is credited with bringing artists like NAPT, Kid Kenobi, DJ Quest, Atomic Hooligan, Jay Cunning, Baobinga and more, and was in demand as NYC’s top breaks DJ going on to rock venues throughout the Northeast.

Today, Sean resides in Oakland, CA and he is newly accredited with playing on the infamous “Opulent Temple” stage at Burning Man in ’09 and ’10 on the same bill as legendary artists DJ Dan, Bunny of RITM, etc., and for his residency at his event “Wicked Wednesdays” at Shine SF from May 2010-August 2011.Stay tuned for more from Sean on the production tip in ’12!