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  • *New EP* InFiction - Europa

    In the seemingly mass-produced world of electronic dance music, the duo InFiction, (hailing out o...

    Wed 5th February 5 AM
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A new era of progressive house has landed in the world of electronic dance music. This experimental mix of theatrical themes, rhythmic beats and other instrumentation are a few things that set Los Angeles based EDM production duo InFiction apart from the rest.

A collaboration between Dan Asma and Doran Oppenheimer, InFiction are tightly focused on creating original electronic dance music influenced by their backgrounds as film editors and producers. They have composed music for films such as Black Swan, Wrath of the Titans, The Darkest Hour, The Mist, Halloween, The Last Exorcism, Superman Returns, Disturbia, and The Thing.

Progressive house enthusiasts, InFiction’s beats are often very minimal but remixes of tracks such as ‘Let’s Dance’ originally by David Bowie and ‘Human’ by The Killers makes for a stylish sound.

The outfit’s huge driving treble sounds, big beats and often trance-style synths have made them regulars in Los Angeles clubland. They have had numerous plays on Paul Oakenfold ’s Planet Perfecto and they are now looking forward to capturing the ears of an International audience.