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Ryan Jeffs, a.k.a. Inertia, is co-founder of record label Dream Music. Since his beginning as a key Phoenix DJ a decade ago, INERTIA has performed at clubs and events around the US. INERTIA added music production to his career in ’95, and to date has had eight releases on various labels.

INERTIA’ first release, “Sunshine Trip” (Swell Records), was buzzing among the progressive pioneers, and was licensed to John Kelly’ “Funky Desert Breaks” (Moonshine). To this day, world-renowned artists commend him on his foresight. Had the masters not been lost, “Sunshine Trip” would have been re-released on Platipus. INERTIA co-produced and remixed Dream Music’ debut, “Time” by The Dream Traveler. The original was licensed as the opening and only US track on the hugely successful “Tranceport,” mixed by Paul Oakenfold (Kinetic). The remix was licensed for Thomas Michael’ CD, “West Coast Vibes I” (Phatt Phunk). INERTIA followed this up by remixing Markus Schulz’ “Rude World” for Dream Music, as well as Frequency Tweeks’ “Cloud Leap” and Vertigo Deluxe’ “Dark Skies” for Plastik Records. His latest original production for Dream Music, “The INERTIA EP,” showcased the diversity of his musical talents with progressive house, driving trance and down-tempo. It was reviewed as Mixer Magazine’ “Trance Single of the Month” (Dec 99). From this, “Low Jack” was licensed as the opening track for “Logic Trance 3, Presented by ThousandWords Magazine” (Logic Records), and for Markus Schulz’ “Kamaidachi” for BPM Culture Magazine.

INERTIA continues to move forward as a DJ. His style is hard to categorize, his sets ranging anywhere from the brooding progressive and tech currently championed by US artists, to the uplifting and epic trance sounds blasting out of clubs like Gatecrasher in the UK. INERTIA’ talent has taken him all over the country. This includes the world-famous Simon’ in Florida, the legendary Utopia in Las Vegas, and massive events from Boston to Los Angeles. INERTIA has played to thousands of club-goers each weekend at his Insomnia residency since its inception in October 2000.

Additionally, he plays guest spots throughout the year at Tempe’ infamous “Kind” night at Freedom, as well as at rave events spanning the state.

INERTIA’ ability to move crowds completes a circle, from his beginnings as a DJ over a decade ago, to his productions on various labels, to operating a label of his own. Currently he is working on studio projects for Dream Music, is shopping his remixing services to other labels, and is hoping to commercially release a mixed CD this year.