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San Jose, United States

Dubstep, Trap

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Encounter Jared Lindo before dark and heʼs an unassuming suburban

computer geek, but once night falls he takes to the DJ booth and transforms into a high-energy bass music producer named indaskyes.

Equally at home throwing down urban ghetto beats for hippies in the

desert or getting a VIP bottle service crowd bobbing their heads to a

psychedelic dubstep tune, indaskyes is a musical chameleon with a

singular focus – make them DANCE.

Honing his skills since discovering electronica in 2008, indaskyes is just

beginning to release his work. A heavy hip-hop influence is abundantly

clear in his original tracks, reflecting his love of simple yet intoxicated

beats. From a glitchy, dubbed out remix of Goapeleʼs ʻPlayʼ to a

crunkaLicious, booty bumping rendition of Young Buckʼs ʻShorty Wanna

Ride,ʼ his musical range and focus on the dancefloor are undeniable.

The hard work has paid off as heʼs shared the stage with heavy hitters

like Salva, Minnesota, An-ten-nae, MartyParty, NastyNasty, Sugarpill,

and Smasheltooth. Heʼs played all over the state and enjoyed his first

Burning Man DJ experience at Camp ? on their epic setup in 2011.