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London, United Kingdom

Hard Dance, Trance

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From South Beach Miami, Ibiza, Jamaica, and the UK, Insanity has launched his sets of pure chaotic hell on the unsuspecting ears of the electronic partygoer. Insanity recognizes just what the crowds’ desire as he mesmerizes them with his unique style of play. From the heavy pounding of hard trance, to the groove of funky house, this is one dj who knows how to keep the crowd moving.

Insanity started in 1992 where he ventured from house parties to clubs. It was not until he moved into the electronic scene where he got his first break. Playing with the likes of djs such as South Beach’s very own David Padilla and Edgar V. Insanity was heavily influenced by the energy they brought. In 1998, Insanity found a home at one of South Beach’s Premier nightclubs, “the G-Spot” here he matured in the scene for over 3 years.

Not letting the South Beach notoriety go to his head, Insanity kept true to his roots by holding residency at three Ft Lauderdale clubs to cater to his local fan base. However Destiny was calling and an appetite to play to the best clubbers lingered. So, it was off to London.

Upon his return to the UK, he has embarked on a quest that would no doubt take him time and complete and utter commitment. In just two short years back, Insanity has secured residencies with London’s top promotions. To get a taste of what the future holds for dance music, listen to the latest mix from Insanity.