Impact Beatport


Anyone fortunate enough to have heard DJ ImpacT spin his own blend of deep and funky house knows that the big time is just around the corner for this DJ. Over his 11 years behind the decks, ImpacT has always pushed and refined his sound, but no matter the details, the sound has always been about house. His precise, quick mixes, ear for great records, eye for the dancefloor and friendly personality have made him a crowd favorite.

ImpacT has had the chance to play alongside house luminaries like Derrick Carter, Heather, Colette and Paul Johnson. No matter what the setting, ImpacT has the uncanny ability to make the dancefloor reach new levels of insanity with every set. His skills have been showcased at numerous gigs across the Midwest and residencies at Joe’s Brewery, Orchid Nightclub, Tonic Nightclub, The Highdive and Nargile.