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IMIX is Franz Johann Bogendorfer, producing/djing Electronica Techno Psy and managing B.A.B.A. Records (Austria).

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Performance Hotspots:

Sweden, Denmark, IMIX vs Cohuna Beatz “The Villadarco Release Tour India”, Re-Dreams Vienna, Sonnenklang Austria, Magnolia Arraial D´Ajuda Bahia Brazil, Spiritbase Austria, Microcosmos Austria, NYE Morocco, Earthdance Austria, Itacaré Brasil, Belo Horizionte Brasil, Trancoso Brasil, Batusim Psy Camp – Austria, Ruin Landsee – Austria, Sundance – Austria, Donauinsel Special Vienna, Aquarius Vienna and much more appearances in Austria, Croatia, Greece, Brasil, Ibiza, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands …

cooperations with: Pan Papason, Jirah, Jalebee Cartel, Quantum, 40%, Patch Bay, M.O.J.O., Re.Actor, Rage, Virtual Light, Psyfullohms, Tactic Mind vs Ultravoice, Jaia, Chaos Therapy, Psyboriginal, Astartica, Ovnimoon, Biotouch, Crying Freemen, Hydrogen, Ianuaria, MC Chellabah aka Dj Virus, …

Legal releases are available from following recordlabels: B.A.B.A. Records, Panmusic Records, Geomagnetic, Morningstar, Planet BEN Records, Warp Brain Records, Digital Drugs Coalitions, Sonnenklang Records, Synergetic Records, Shivlink Records, Kagdila Records, Midijum Records, Sundance Records, Psytropic, Futureaudio, Jays Records