Ik Beatport


Ian Knowles, already renowned for his technical abilities behind the turntables, his skills as a DJ wouldn’t go a miss at a DMC competition let alone a hard dance event. Like most world class DJ’s he is a natural born showman but unlike most he is from the nu wave of DJ’s that is lifting the standards of what is expected of a true performer. He has the ability to cut, juggle and scratch whilst fully embracing the Digital domain and effectively re-edit tracks live using hot cues and juggling techniques. Amongst all the madness Ian also manages to drop in live acapella’s and techno loops to create newer sounds to existing tracks.

Already Ian has played some of the hottest nights in the UK and is getting more and more overseas bookings. He also mixed series of compilations, which a total of 1.5million CD’s where distributed with a National Paper.

At just 19 years of age Ian has already amassed over 50 productions to his name that cover all genres of hard dance from remixes of more commercial projects for the likes of Ministry of Sound, Nulife, BMG (5 of which went top 20 in the UK alone) e.t.c. to the more underground sounds of Nukleuz, Hellhouse and Nitrox. He already has tracks out which feature singers like Marcella Woods and Xan and has also been remixed by some of the biggest names in the industry, Yoji Biomehanika and GM Project. He also runs his own Underworld promotions imprint and has had tracks featured on some the biggest radio stations in the world.

Aside from DJ’ing Ian has also set up a live trance act with another trance producer under the name of Future Prime in which they perform there joint productions and remixes and they have a string of tracks lined up for releases under the “Future Prime” name. They have adopted the a nice hybrid of NuNRG sounding melodies darker techy beats. Yet to fail in working a crowd to a frenzy. Keep your ears open as this act is taking off big!