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Igneon System born and raised in Belgium, started his love for music in the 90’s.

In 2002 he started to dj drum’n’bass and Hardcore with friends from his hometown and at some local party’s.

But after a while he got interested in the power of production.

Buying himself a little studio , he started to explore the production process. In that period he discovred his sound, a combination of UK Hardcore with Hiphop, D’n’b influences.

It didn’t took long before people started to notice his sound.

He got his first record signed on Elektrokut in 2008 followed with “Fearcrawler” on Pandemonium. This track also apparead on Dj Producer’s Operation Obliterate mix Cd on Audiogenic.

Also he released tracks in 2009 on labels such as Rebelscum, Audiodamage, Nekrolog1k , Cheeze Graterz, Pandemonium, Scare Tactics, Motormouth and Neurotic Waste.

As for in the future you can expect more eardamage for labels such as Third Movement, Prspct,Industrial Strength, Nekrolog1k,Motormouth, Agnost1k and more.

Armed with a powerfull Live Set Igneon System quickly got respected and played everywhere in Belgium for organisations like Qdance, Club R_aw, Liberty White, Dissonant Festival, Bug Klinik, Breakcore gives me Wood, Ground Zero, The Qontinent, … .

Also in Europe he left his mark by playing for big organisations such as Smackdown (NL), Oblivion (UK), P.O.R.N (NL), Lakeparade (CH), AK- Industry (CH), Scantrexx (IT) and more.

Also Igneon System plays with Homeboy in one live act called “Nekrolog1k” and will perform a live act together with Dolphin.

Igneon System is also the promoter of MuSick. A organisation that brings the best Hardcore/Breakcore/Dubstep and Drum’n’bass from Belgium and abroad. These gigs are situated whole over Belgium. MuSick their formula (big line-ups for a decent price) worked out well and every night was completly packed.

(more info http://www.musickevents.be)

Ravers Quote:

“The only good soundsystem is Igneon System”


Electronic Alchemists EP (12", EP) Scare Tactics Records 2008

eXistenZ (12") Elektrokut 2008

Untitled (12") Fearclawler /Pandemonium Records 2008

Amplified Music / Drums (2xLP) The Last Machine Cheeze Graterz 2008

Fragments Of Mangled Minds LP Part 2 Leachers Black Hoe Recordings 2008

Ill Skills EP (12", EP) Hold Back Audio Damage 2008

Redemption Reversed (12",EP) ,Neurotic Waste 2008

The Wise Guyz EP (12",EP) Rebelscum 2009

Countdown 2 Chaos (12",EP) MotorMouth 2009

Soul Awaker (12",EP) Pandemonium Records 2009

Untitled(12") Take me into your Darkness /Nekrolog1k Recordings 2009

Untitled(12") Take me into your Darkness (Dolphin Rmx) Nekrolog1k 2010

Lose Your Faith LP (12")- Learn From the Pain , Nekrolog1k 2011


*Digi Release 001 Igneon System /Homeboy Nekrolog1k 2010

*Agnost1k 001 Igneon System / Homeboy

Crossfader War Vol.1

*Agnost1k 002 Igneon System / Homeboy

Crossfader War Vol.2

Tracks Appear On:

Operation Obliterate – A Collection Of Industrial Love Songs (CD, Comp, Mixed) Fear Crawler Psychik Genocide 2008

Qbase Rave-o-lution (Cd,Comp,mixed by Unexist) – Ev1l Blood feat. Ak-Industry 2011