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IDENTITY (aka Mel The Medic)

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Identity has grown to be one of the most respected female DJs in the Northeast and the best female hard dance DJ in the United States. Her sound, performance, and personality have been spread across the globe in regions such as North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Being solely dedicated to the underground music scene, Identity has been a part of almost every major electronic music festival in North America, and played a role in preserving the underground electronic music scene in New England. She has played with many other DJs and live performers from across the globe, been featured on radio stations nationally and internationally, and held residencies at some of her number one regional clubs. Identity is a hard working and dedicated individual, striving to keep the hard dance genre at full speed in North America, and continuing to receive guidance and critique from her friends in Europe. She is surely an amazing performer and fits her music to all sorts of atmospheres. Be sure not to miss her amazing performances of the latest hard dance music, and some serious turntablism that will keep you glued to her set!