Electro House


BIOGRAPHY 1988 – 2010

Since the age of 11, DJ iDefunct (AKA Mr Robinson)has been entertaining people with his infectious brand of music. Having started playing at Alcatraz in the gothic scene and Le club Then got in dance music when i was about 17 started playing at house partys to any gig that cam out , then opening and playing to packed clubs and Festivals all over the world.

Mr Robinson has been at the forefront of the dance scene. He is able to establish an instant connection with the crowds, allowing him to evoke feelings, goose bumps and déjàvu, right up there with life changing experiences.

Starting in Johannesburg in the late 80’s, he had an enormous influence in the creation of the dance culture. He held various residencies, namely: Sunny side up, Black orchid night clubs, was a guests at The White Horse Inn, Gates, The Lounge at E.S.P and Submission. iDefunct (Funky house and Electro, Speed garage)

Then went on to become Psynoise…when got involved with psytrance scene in South Africa with some of the Biggest production companys like

Lunartech, Fu cha, Noisy Radicals SA in JHB, Psychotic, Teknotribe, Red eye as a sound technician/ Dj and then producer. to get a gig in Thailand and Mozambique.

Having played all over South Africa from big cities to small towns, Mr Robinson Having had the opportunity to be Overseas was beckoning in late 2009 and so Mr Robinson left our shores to play in clubs from London to Ibiza all around the EU, spreading his love for music. He played at various events in the uk in the last year from Bourne Slippery (Slaters and Frenchs Duex) to Sambar and one or two Beach partys around Eastbourne and Hastings.

In Mr Robinson’s words: :I would say my music is about the style I play has from a Funky house, Electro to psytrance, it can be trancey baleric and have an uplifting smile sound, sometimes dark, light and warm all after each other. I like to lift people then drop them into a warm happy break that inspires rather than enquirers, but that would be giving it away. I also enjoy large build ups and complete changes.”

At present Psynoise enjoys playing psytrance, but this versatile artist does not limit himself to any one style of music, so Mr Robinson’s flexible nature, and true, genuine love of music, allows him to please and interact with diverse crowds, with old school funk to psytrance.

He makes sure his crowd experiences the feeling of being one with the music. Mind, body & soul become captivated by the uplifting sounds, causing bodies to ebb & flow to every beat, every movement a pulse of energy igniting the dance floor into a unison of pure musical euphoria.