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DJ ICON, also known as Connie Wong, began her DJ career in 1996 at age 16 in San Francisco, California. She quickly rose in the ranks and created a name for herself in the underground, soon to break through the surface onto clubs, televisions, and radios around the globe.

ICON was known as a Trance DJ for the first half of her career but since 2001, she has immersed herself into Breakbeats and almost exclusively plays Nu-Skool and Funky Breaks, a style she refers to as “Dirty Breaks”. However, when called upon, her versatility allows her to play all genres of electronic dance music. Whether it’s Breaks or Beats, she is known to always keep the dance floor moving.

ICON founded her production company, Mach 5, in 2000 and has promoted many of her own events in San Francisco as well as in New York City, where she resided for almost three years. During that time, ICON also co-founded Sister NYC (www.sisternyc.com), an east coast chapter of the original all-female DJ collective from San Francisco, Sister SF (www.sistersf.com).

ICON has appeared on two different television series. In 2001, she was featured as one of the U.S.’s most promising up and coming DJs in “Disc Jockey”, a twelve-part documentary series that aired on Showtime and ShoNext. In 2003, she starred as the DJ on “The Wade Robson Project”, a dance competition hosted by super choreographer, Wade Robson, on MTV. The hit series aired in the U.S., U.K. and Europe, soon to be aired in Asia.

ICON has a number of radio show residencies. She does a monthly Breaks show for “Thump Funk” on XM Satellite 80, plays regularly for “House Nation”, Friday nights on Wild 94.9, and still periodically appears on “Solid State”, a weekly Saturday night electronic music show on K-ROCK in New York City. She has also appeared on Bay Area Breakbeat shows, “Future Breaks FM” and “Bassline FM”.

ICON is represented by Chaotica Music Agency, one of the most renowned booking agencies in the world. She is on a roster, and often performs with many of the top acts in the industry including Paul Oakenfold, Sandra Collins, The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, The Streets, and many more.