Iced Monkey Biography Iced Monkey , an electronic music DJ and techno music producer, global radio host from Bangalore City, India. Signed to record labels around the ... read more
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Iced Monkey Biography

Iced Monkey , an electronic music DJ and techno music producer, global radio host from Bangalore City, India. Signed to record labels around the world with music releases available as a digital download on Beatport | Juno | Mixmag | Trackitdown | DJDownload | iTunes | Discogs | traxsource | 7 digital | HMV digital and many more.

Associated with many global radio stations PartyRadioUSA [Brooklyn, New York], LazerFM [Chicago], FlashFM [Switzerland], The Birds Nest [Las Vegas], X4Stream [Valencia, Spain], The Movement Radio [India] and with a weekly episode on TenziFM [India] and a monthly podcast featuring some of the best DJs from around the world with the guest mix on StromKraft Radio based in Zurich, Switzerland. Iced Monkey has also been featured on the world-renowned Digitally Imported [DI FM] and Sexyradio in Paris.

Talk about parties and nightclubs, Iced Monkey gets chosen to perform at some of the best night clubs & venues popular for underground music. From playing an impressive opening acts to driving the crowd frisky at 4am in the morning with his unique tunes at some of the hottest nightclubs in Bangalore City and Goa, India. His sets are a travel and making people reach that special place and has blown minds in the underground scene.

Club Moments -

Iced Monkey played a magical opening set for the India’s Premier Electronic Dance Music Community – Submerge and impressing the Submerge boss himself, Nikhil Chinapa – an Indian radio jockey and video jockey and is a popular presenter on MTV India for more than a decade who is now the Festival Director of Asia’s premier music festival – Sunburn Festival in Goa. Weeks after listening to Iced Monkey’s set, Nikhil Chinapa’s experience was such that he talks and mentions Iced Monkey at places he visit and one being the ILM Academy studio [New Delhi].

Iced Monkey has played in many clubs and at the electronic music festival – “The Happy Feet Festival". With a tight line up of over 26 artists and DJs from around the world and Iced Monkey getting an hour and a half time for a set at 3pm in the noon on day 2 of the festival. Things changed so fast right after he finished playing his set, the festival organizer gets talking to the club owner about his music and Iced Monkey was asked to hit the decks again in the already sorted tight schedule.

At 3:30am in the morning Iced Monkey doing his thing at the console and driving the crowd mental with his fellow DJs and MCs screaming his name, Iced Monkey turned a well organized festival into a rave. No questions about his love for Techno and spinning a high energy set proving to be one of the powerful dj from India.

Besides DJ, Iced Monkey is a techno music producer. His music releases on record labels have already made it on Top 100 Techno charts worldwide. His 1st single release “Reacting Nuclear” made it to #19 on DJDownload and at #27 on Beatport Techno Chart. His 2nd release June Megan [ Orignal Mix ] at #34 on Beatport Top 100 Techno Chart.

His new release Lazy Bell Ep on Confessions From The Underground Records featured on the Best Selling Minimal release on DjTunes and MUSK (Original Mix) hit the Top 100 Minimal Chart at #72 and moving to #59 & #60 in the 1st week and to #80 on the 2nd week. Iced Monkey has also remixed for artists/producers in the United Kingdom which is due to release.

Beginning -

It all started in 2009 when he started making music at his home studio and moving onto learning to mix and finally graduating as a DJ from one of the leading DJ institute in Bangalore, ILM Academy.

He started off playing house and electro at clubs around Bangalore and moving onto Progressive House as he performed in Goa until he got hooked to Techno and now doing some serious business with the kind of sounds he is making and the tracks he has produced so far have hit the Beatport and DJ Download Techno Charts.

It wasnt until he met some good people on the scene, that he truley understood what being a DJ and a Producer means.

Iced Monkey is a self taught producer. He knows there are dues to be paid and contributions to be made in the dance music scene. Many legends and legends in the making globally that supply the drive and he has so much respect for the DJ’s/Producers not only for their talent, but also for reshaping the Dance Music scene and constantly make it challenging.

To be able to relate to the music as he grew, he slowly started understanding Dance Music and started producing his own tracks which is been a constant learning experience in the musical universe.

Not just his music release but also his DJ mixtapes are grabbing attention. His minimal & techno mixtape “Iced Monkey Insanity Exclusive DJ Mix” charted #33 on iTunes Podcast and his live DJ set from club Pebble in Bangalore city has over 20,000 downloads and plays on the iTunes podcast. With all these to his credits he is definitely an artist of modern times on the rise that credits to the global electronic music scene.

Iced Monkey’s Global Radio shows -

As his mixtapes spread like wildfire with the power of internet, Iced Monkey was featured on a Switzerland based internet radiostation for the first time, “After Hours Prolectro pro Records on FlashFM”. Iced Monkey was then recorgnized & featured for the 1st time on a New York based radiostation “PartyRadioUSA” on The DJ Spotlight. The New York radio also supported by playing Iced Monkey’s newest releases giving his tracks air plays on the show, “The New Music Spotlight with Tony Santiago on PartyRadioUSA”.

With the immense response for his style of music and his the mixing skills, Iced Monkey then featured to guest mix on a Spanish radio based in Valencia, “X4Stream Radio” playing some of the best electronic music in the Spain air waves and streaming it worldwide over the internet. Iced Monkey’s mixes continued to play on many other radiostations around the world.


PartyRadioUSA [Brooklyn, New York] |

LazerFM [Chicago] |

The Birds Nest [ Las Vegas] |

Flash FM [Switzerland] |

Tenzi FM [India] |

The Movement Radio [India] |

StromKraft Radio [Zurich, Switzerland]|

X4Stream [Valencia, Spain] |

SexyRadio [Paris] |

Innervisions Radio [United Kingdom] and

lately featured to guest mix on the legendary Digitally Imported FM [DI FM]

Iced Monkey’s Podcast -

His podcast includes

" Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It Mix " episodes on Tenzi FM

“Decode with Iced Monkey” episodes on Stromkraft Radio.

Iced Monkey’s podcast are available for streaming on Mixcloud [ ] & DJ mixes are available on iTunes podcast for download.

Record Label, A&R -

Besides the busy schedules with radioshows, music releases and club events Iced Monkey also works for one of Glasgow’s freshest record label, “SumSycheSynth Records” as an A&R. Focusing on the new & upcoming releases and signing new artists with familiar techno & tech house tunes and so far the Sumsychesynth releases have hit the Juno Download techno chart. Iced Monkey promotes the label releases by playing them on his global radioshows giving them the exposure that it needs.

SumSycheSynth Records on Beatport [ ]

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