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At the very beginning, Ian Osborn started his  career in music in 1998. However, since 2001, things has begun to change quickly for Ian when he discovered house music thanks to Greg Kazubski (from the band Teenage Bad Girl). From this moment on, his love of house music will have no limits ! Over the last few years, thanks to his musical talent, Ian has spinned the wheels with international DJs such as Benny Benassi, Arno Cost, Antoine Clamaran, Danny Freakazoid, Tristan Garner, Chris Montana, Muttonheads, Téo Moss, Jeremy De Koste, Maia K, Philippe B, DatA, Laurent Pepper, DJ Assad, Samantha Mayer,… all over the world. As a result of his success, he has  got international recognition and has been rocking crowds in the USA, in Austria, in Tunisia, in Belgium, in Greece, in the Czech Republic, in Poland,… From Minneapolis to Vienna, from Krakow to Paris, from Brussels to Prague, Ian had only one goal : make the event unforgettable for clubbers.

Obviously, Ian has played regularly in his country of origin, too. Thus, in France, not only he performed in the most famous clubs in Paris (Mix Club, Redlight, Back Up, Les Bains Douches, Salons Vianey, Zorba, Tribar,…) and in the hottest spots in Lyon (Bloc, Eurexpo, La Cour des grands (Ex La Chapelle), La Plateforme, Le Pinks, Ké Pecherie,…), but also he was the top of the bill in the biggest French student parties (Boom HEC, Nuit Paristech, Gala Telecom Paristech, Gala Centrale Lyon, Gala ENTPE, Gala ENST, Gala Santard, Gala INPG, Gala ENS Lyon,…) To sum up, when Ian is there, the party is there…

Nevertheless, Ian is not only a DJ but also a composer. His skill as a remixer allows him to do remixes for famous artists such as for example DJ Disciple, Chris Moody, Tom Sawyer, Mr Vasovski, Andrew Phillips, Teo Moss, Jeremy De Koste, Benedetto & Farina… and for instance, between 2010 & 2011, more than 20 tracks and remixes have been out on the most famous international labels (Pacha Recordings (Spain), S2G Productions (Germany), Universal Music (France), Catch 22 Records (US), Electric Candy (US), Unlove Recordings (Greece),… )

The last but not the least, Ian has a lot of radio-shows in France and abroad. His international radio-show “Philosophy Of House” is and was broadcasted on radios such as Radio FG Clubbing (France), HKGFM (Hong Kong), QS Radio (The Netherlands), SSRadioUK (UK), DFR Radio (Czech Republic), D-One FM (Belgium), MixxRadio (France), House Nation Radio (France), Ibiza Frenchy People (France), WeWantLive (France), ActiveDance (France), ADNAlternative (Argentina), Univerdance FM (Spain),… Therefore, currently Ian is at the forefront of young French DJs and he doesn’t lack new projects for 2011. Just stay tuned and don’t forget that “The most important thing in music is to succeeded in passing what you feel on to the crowd.”