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Ian F


Tech House, Techno

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Under certain aspects quantity is not quality. Meaning, despite a large number of new-coming djs, there are very few really good. But Ian F. is the unmistakable darling of the new generation. The undisputed true love he has for music is reflecting through his work. His spine-tingling, shockingly innovative sets are a rare combination of extremely accessible funky-tech grooves and a provocative progressive, tech-house, electro breakbeats. His transitional performances could be compared to boxing; jabbling, feinting and finally stunning the sweat, drenched crowd.

It all started in wake of 1997, when at the age of 16 he started working in a club which ruled the electronic scene in Slovenia (Ambasada Gavioli). Having the privilege of meeting world wide known djs, sharing thoughts and performing with them was one of the things that mostly influenced his maturing idea of making his own “musicology”. He had a mission and wouldn’t be denied; Working full time, not taking need for anything but creating his own music image and way of mixing. The taste he has, piqued the curiosity of many djs as well as producers. He inevitably started playing all around the state and later in nearest countries performing on all most important festivals and events with various djs and had a residency in a club in Slovenia (SubSub) and also Croatia (Colosseum). Ian already played with Jeff Mils, Tiesto, Richie Hawtin, John Digweed, Adam Beyer, Umek, Valentino Kanzyani, Steve Lawler, dj Rush, Cristopher Lawrence, Hybrid, Takkyu Ishino, Marco Carola…just to name a few.

Gaining knowledge, experiences and therefore evolving his work and himself, lead him to his first projects, such as Flux, Lounge invaders, Nu:loop and the youngest one Pornoteenz (with Matthew Hoag and Comrade). He is also cooperating with SDJF group and Annunaki records, where he had his first releases. Not content, he is now on full speed ahead phase, aiming at what he wants most – his own production.

He believes barriers and time is something music doesn’t have. But in this dimension, time is the one who will sure enough show how talented Ian F. is and hopefully that same talent will take him world wide.