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Ian Credible

Johannesburg, South Africa

Progressive House

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Ian Credible is a performer who transcending musical genres creates an “Incredible” brand.

Ian Credible is an EDM phenomenon,

With his roots firmly in 12 inch vinyl, his expertise in state of the art technology and use of live synthesis, drums and vocals, Ian pushes the boundaries of live performance, thrilling audience’s across the Globe.

Being a talented musician & highly skilled sound engineer Ian Credible blends these in a force of music and creativity in both his music production and live performances.

Ian Credible has performed at countless clubs, festivals and super clubs around the world such as Amnesia (IBIZA) and BCM Square (Mallorca Spain) for the worlds greatest parties such as “Together” and “CREAM” featuring top DJ’s and producers :

Steve Aoki

Laidback Luke



Nicky Romero


Paul Oakenfold

Above & Beyond

John o’callaghan

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Paul Van Dyk

Eddie Halliwell

Garath Emery


Feed Me

Chase & Status

Knife Party



Sub Focus


Cathedral – Ian Credible

Anthem – Ian Credible

Astronaut – Ian Credible

The Incredible Ian Credible

POG – Ian Credible

Sweet Revenge : Ian Credible

Rock this Ian Credible

Come with me – Steve Aoki Ft. Polina (Ian Credible Remix)

Take me – Tiesto ft Kyler England (Ian Credible Remix)

Many more Remix’s and Mashups.

A few Career highlights include:


  • Winning the Steve Aoki “Be the DJ” Competition
  • Mix Mag Resident DJ in IBIZA
  • BCM Square Cream (Mallorca Spain)
  • Amnesia Cream (Ibiza)
  • Amnesia Together (Ibiza)


  • Winning the J&B Music Producer competition
  • Featuring on the J&B album – The DJ Dream Team Album – featuring: Ian Credible, DJ Fresh, Euphonik, Black Coffee, Monde, Roger Goode, Craig Massive, Dino Moran, Lady Lea and many more
  • Having numerous DJ residencies throughout South Africa
  • Headlining countless shows
  • Managing Director and Co Founder of DJ4Life South Africa – South Africa’s Top DJ & Music Production School

About Ian Credible:


March 12, 1985


South Africa

Birth Name

Ian Morrison

Tertiary Education :

Sound Engineering & Music at “The Academy of Sound Engineering”


DJ4Life SA

Managing Director & Co-Founder


Progressive house

Electro House

Years Active





[email protected]

Fun Interview/Questions:

1. Many people think dj’s are crazy party animals and some think dj’s are geeks who are very technologically inclined. Which category do you fall under?

I’m gonna have to go with both, I go pretty mental at parties plus I’m a complete geek when it come to gadgets and tech stuff.

2. What sets you apart from other DJs?

I don’t really refer to myself as a DJ, I’m more of an artist who can DJ well. Its my music production and unique performance that creates my identity and also my wide spead knowlendge as a sound engineer and history in the video production world that gives me a a creative advantage.

3. In your opinion what makes a good DJ a great entertainer?

People want a good show. I believe you need to be larger than life, showcase more of your musical talents and visually have a wow factor other than the lights and screens, like performing creatively with instruments and live vocalists or doing something crazy and new. At the end of the day everyone wants an awesome story to tell their friends.

4. If you’re not in studio and not at a gig what do you like doing?

I’m very actively involved in growing local DJ’s and music talent’s at my business DJ4Life and that takes up allot of my time ,but in my free time I keep my self busy with my love for creating and researching new exiting additions for my shows like 3D animation, cinematography crazy awesome stage setups and stuff like that.

5. Tell us a bit more about your roots and where it all began for you…

I remember when my love for music all started, I was very young when I got my first guitar, I was handed the guitar with a box full of training books and tabs and told “ Hey learn how to play this thing” so I did ☺ and I haven’t been able to stop learning since.

6. Please complete the sentence If I was not a DJ/Producer I would’ve been a………

An Astronaut! Nothing beats an astronaut!

7. If you could change one thing in the EDM industry on a global scale. What would that be?

Hmmm, more bars for the people ! I always wonder how the people in the front get any liquids at all?

8. Which gig would you give everything to play at?

It would be a toss up between Tomorrowland and Ultra Fest Miami

9. What is more exciting for a dj in your opinion? Playing at a big festival of 5000+ or a smaller intimate, but hyped crowd?

Festivals hands down. The energy you receive from that number of people all in unison is ridonculous!

10. You recently won ‘Be the DJ’ with Steve Aoki! Firstly, congratulations. A great achievement! Secondly, Tell us in 5 points about your experience?

Thank you ☺, where to start?, well between Olmeca, Mixmag and Steve I think all the guys involved would agree that it was extreemly well organized and professional. The setting at Pioneer headquarters in Amsterdam was amazing, the competition was intense, and after battling out with all the exceedingly talented contestants and winning, the overall experience was life changing.

We know a lot about you as a DJ/Producer we do not know much about your personal life and childhood. Tell us more

11. Who was your famous childhood crush?

That would be a play off between Chung lee from street fighter and sonya from mortal kombat!

12. Did you have any weird childhood hobbies ?

Climbing into random peoples houses with my friends and picking fruit from their gardens.

13. What’s your most embarrassing moment when growing up?

Now that I look back, its definitly thinking that Go Ku spiky peroxided (orange) hair was cool.

14. What was your favourite kiddies programme?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles no contest

15. If you had one ‘do over’ from your childhood, what would it be?

I have no regrets really, I think being young was the perfect time to play the fool.

Music is something that inspires people. In order to be made and played it needs to be inspired by something…

16. Who/What inspires you to do what you do?

My inspiration comes from my love to party, so I make and play music that makes people wanna party hard and leave their stress’s and insecureties behind them,

17. In the music industry who is your hero/role model?

To name only a few: Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero, Hardwell. I believe firmly in work ethic, consistency and fun, anyone who exudes these is my role model.

18. What atmosphere do you like to be in to create the best music?

A good working enrvirement can be anywhere nowadays, sometimes I work best in my headphones on the plane on the way to my shows, its really just a spark that happens inside you at any given time and you can’t contain it

19. Complete the sentence: Music is…


Parties can get crazy. You must have many stories to tell…

20. In your eyes, what makes a party?

the right combination of people and music, when the two meet anything can happen..

21. What was the craziest party you have ever been to?

Playing with Steve Aoki and Calvin Harris in mallorca spain to the hugest and craziest crowd ever. I’ve never seen people go so nuts in my life!

22. In your career you have come across many fans, have you ever had a stalker or something similar? (don’t worry you don’t have to mention any names)

Yes. It usually starts as a one sided conversation on Facbook and goes something like… hi, hello, hey, hi, how you doing, you there?, hey, don’t worry I get it you must be busy, …….. hi ☺ , hey, hello, I see you playing this wknd☺, i saw you at your gig, I saw you at the mall the other day, I saw you driving today!!!

And it just gets creepier from there.

23. What can your fans expect to see from you in the future? Have you got anything special planned?

I have an awesome show coming up in IBIZA this summer in September and besides my up coming release’s I’m always working on new and exciting ideas for the show. All updates get released virally.

24. A final message to your fans:

Keep Raging! And I’l see you at the party ;)