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iamamiwhoami is an an audiovisual project lead by Jonna Lee, it emenates from the project’s Youtube channel. The project merges music and film together with a mutual storyline.

Followers of the project have built a community around the project with the Youtube channel as their forum.

The first release from iamamiwhoami was 6 short videos with instrumental music, released between Dec 2009 and March 2010. They spread on the internet and gave birth to the project.

The next release was “bounty” 7 singles and videos entitled b, o, u-1, u-2, n, t and y released one by one each month between March-Aug 2010.

In November 2010 “In Concert”, a 64 minutes long online live concert taking place in a forest was streamed for 3 hours on their communication site

In May 2011 the single/video “; john” appeared on the project’s Youtube channel followed by the announcement of iamamiwhoami’s first appearance before a live audience at the Swedish festival Way Out West.. Before the festival in August another single and video entitled “clump” was released.

In November 2011 the first published interview with iamamiwhoami in Bullett Magazine was released with photos taken by the project.

iamamiwhoami is since 2011 managed by D-E-F management and signed to Cooperative Music through the project’s label To whom it may concern.

iamamiwhoami received a Swedish Grammy award as “Innovator of the year” and nominated for 2 MTV online music awards in 2011.