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I Max

Venice, Italy

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Max’s approach to music was so natural and instinctive, since he was a boy he comes near mixer and turntables just for curiosity and a bif for fun and when th cartridges started to run on those flow vinyls Max realized that he cannot longer stay without.

Taste and techniques improves during years and Max is always aimed to research sound quality, ranging from sophisticated deep house to synthetic dark minimal techno.

Max is first and foremost a DJ, but also a versatile and consistent artists,:Music for him is not just to listen but to create, so after several years djing he affirmed himself on the national scene, combining analog and digital set up.

From this concept of wanting to create more space for music, was founded Slowpitch, an association with the aim to promote and disseminate digital arts as electronic music, video mapping, design and photography.

Max personally follows the section Slowpitch Recordings, a container of talented artists who see Max working as label manager with international producers as Excercise One, System Of Survival, Cosmic Cowboys, Pablo Rez and many others.