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Early in the 90s our man from Den Haag was friend with the creative squat scene in his home town and was instrumental in founding the Unit Moebius collective, a sort of Dutch Underground Resistance. Shortly after he started a record shop and a mail-order where I-f was distributing BUNKER, as well as ACID PLANET releases, and records from his labels INTERR-FERED, REFERENCE and HOTMIX. Also he began to record under names like Beverly Hills 808303. The subsequent break up of Unit Moebius saw I-f quitting the record shop and he dedicated most of his time to his record distribution Hotmix-electro-nix and his labels VIEWLEXX and MURDERCAPITAL. A host of underground parties and DJ engagements at local pirate radio followed. The I-f alias first materialised in 1995-96 with the two part ‘’Portrait of a Dead Girl" series. Disko B was willing to show his raw and uncompromising talent for a wider audience. All hell break loose in the summer of 1997 when ’’Space Invaders are Smoking Grass" was released on Detroit’s INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSMISSIONS label. This success out of the blue should not hold back I-f and his insatiable appetite for raw electro. Fucking Consumer was only the beginning. After several productions on his own labels, the Disko B – Maxi “Playstation # 2” and the meeting with “Man from PACK” on his second album 1999, Ferenc is back in 2002 with The Parallax Corporation keeping his eyes straight on his huge bag of “COCADISCO”. After “COCADISCO” was available in a limited edition on a 12” an CD (Viewlexx) it came out on a worldwide release of Disco B.