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Bogotá, Colombia

Electro House, Trance

Hyro Beatport


Music has been always Jairo Pineda’s (Dj Hyro) main pasion. Since he was 8 years old, he started listening dance music, following strongly the influences of La Bouche’s “Be My Lover”, Robert Miles’ “Children”, Ace Of Base’s “Beautiful Life” and Dj Quicksilver’s “Bellisima”.

Being tough the entrance to the colombian dance scene, Hyro keeps happy his ears finding new bands and producers that filled his musical abyss, so he starts listening Daft Punk, Safri Duo and Chemical Brothers, between others, which give a radical turn to his life, convincing him that he’s pasion will be become a dance music Dj and Producer.

After entering quite a bit into the dance scene by listening heavier stuff like Tiesto, he meets Romulo Cantor, who gives him the oportunity to learn how to mix and produce. After a hard work in this aspects, Hyro leaves Romulo and starts to build his own path.

In 2004, Hyro tries to get deeper in the trance scene, and with the colaboration of Jaime Contreras, he forges the colective “Hyro vs Poma”, an alternative project based on making remixes (white label) from epic trance tunes, but with a igher BPM and some modifications, made with pre designed loops. The colective fails and Hyro takes again his stakes alone.

In the beginings of 2006, Hyro dares to produce music without the aid from the predesigned loops, and that’s when he produces tracks of his favorite genres: “Wideroom” (Electro) and “City Lights” (House).

After a time of pre designed loops productions are made, Hyro follows again his path producing tracks, with MIDI tecnology but without using keyboards, like this ones: “Vendetta” y “Drained Blood” (both electro house)

After a period of time, Hyro signs with “Apple Jaxx Recordings” record label, in order to be listened worldwide. In this very moment, Hyro’s producing more tracks for “Apple Jaxx Recordings”, always searching for new sounds and expanding his musical horizonts with new genres and effects.

Dj Hyro also manages Epic Battle, a trance project created to develop new tracks without affecting his sound.