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St. Louis, United States

Dubstep, House

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The exciting sound of Hypergirl is taking the planet by storm. Her face and, undoubtedly, her stunning vocal talent are continuing to turn heads all over the world. Hypergirl knows her music; she’s DJed along side world famous DJs Donald Glaude, DJ Skribble and Frankie Bones to name a few. She spun at the MTV party at Club Kaos, and has a residency at the Super Club Liquid in St. Louis. She’s also DJed at Planet Hollywood and too many parties to list. With a steady mix of hard house and progressive trance, she always has her finger on the pulse of the party.

Hypergirl has been mixing since 1999 when she had her first residency at the Voo Doo Night Club in St. Louis. It was the Premier hot spot and she ran the party. From there on she produced many other events including “Phat Pharaohs of Sound” and the “Emerald City” raves that rocked St. Louis through one of the most trying times in the Electronic Music culture. In St. Louis, the government was banning electronic music concerts but Hypergirl’s a die-hard, she wouldn’t give up, she kept producing the events by cutting through all the red tape.

“We are Americans too. Our voices should be heard. If we want to gather and celebrate Peace with our Music, then the authorities should encourage us to do so. They can’t rob us of our liberties to express ourselves, however we choose. This isn’t a dictatorship, this is America!” She fought for the right to have Electronic Music Concerts and the fight still rages on.

Many say that Hypergirl is a new face on the horizon of music…but is she? Hypergirl grew up as a Rock Star baby. Her father a sound engineer and her mother a rock –n- roll singer and songwriter, she grew up on the road. Her mother was the lead singer of Stonehaven, an 80’s Hard Rock band that toured as the opening band for The Guess Who. She grew up on tour around Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper and The Grateful Dead. Her family owned Premier Studios in St. Louis, the 4th oldest Recording Studio in the world, until 1996 when they sold the stock and rolled that money into their production company, SPYS IN THE NITE PRODUCTIONS. She is a born and bred musician. So is anyone to be surprised when she wows the crowd or pumps the crowd so full of energy that they need a paramedic to revive them?

“I really believe that through music you can let go of everything,” she said. “I’ve tried to absorb the fairy-tale energy the flows in much of the progressive trance and I try to pour out that vibe when I mix and I sing. I want the crowd to feel that release and to just enjoy it.”

She truly lives for the party and party lives for her.