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2011, Hyper is back with a vengeance, armed and ready to drop his devastating new album ‘The Panic’. Hyper’s genre defying sound is epitomised in The Panic’s ten tracks, journeying from the Primal Scream meets Pendulum action in ‘Accelerate’ and the explosive power pop of ‘Machine’ right through to the apocalyptic cinematic masterpieces of album outro ‘I See Fire’, all with Hyper’s typical big production sensibility. This is the album that will define Hyper as an artist.

The last decade has seen the producer and DJ release a number of pioneering compilations, including the genre defining ‘Y3K’ and ‘Bedrock Breaks’ all whilst maintaining his own boutique club label; Kilowatt. Hyper’s confidence is transparent in everything he does – his own live band has rocked just about every festival going (from Roskilde and Fuji Rock to Glastonbury) whilst his previous solo work has soundtracked various Hollywood movies ad’s and TV shows.

Hyper has since thrown away the genre rule book in his acclaimed ‘Versus’ collaboration series in the build up to his hotly anticipated third album. The Panic smashes through grooves of electronic bleeps, thrashing punk guitars, the biggest bass and heaviest beats ultimately driving dancefloors everywhere crazy. The album’s explosive opening track ‘The End’ with its analogue synths and shredding guitars serves as a dynamic calling card for a diverse album. A definite feeling of contrast is present as you journey through The Panic’s ten tracks with songs like ‘My World’ (featuring esteemed dubstep MC/host Dread) sitting along side the cool industrial edged ‘Tear The Silence’. Hyper also tips his hat to old skool rave subtely throughout but it comes heavily to the fore with ‘Beyond The Rave’s irresistible piano breakdown, pounding 4/4 groove and Reece bassline. style=“FONT: 10pt Trebuchet ms, Georgia, serif; COLOR: #000000”> Hyper’s dynamic DJ sets form a gorgeously melodic sound-clash teeming with energy – whether it’s banging electro, house, disco, breaks or even a full techno work out! His trashed up disco vibes rank amongst the clubbing world’s best and show an electrifying artist only set to get better and better. Hold on tight, a new chapter is beginning in Hyper’s musical journey…