Hyped Beatport


D.J. Hyped p.k.a Nathan Partida hails from Orosi, California, a small city located near Fresno. He is 17 years old and has been DJing since the year 2000 and has participated and many events such as local competitions and some Statewide competitions.

Along with a childhood friend Eric P., Hyped started out as a B-Boy in early ’97, and was accepted into a Hip Hop crew called Element Control Krew and it was with this group he took up the interest in becoming a DJ. He began DJing as a way to make some extra cash and also to be part of another element of Hip Hop.

Inspirations that eventually drove Hyped to begin DJing were DJ Skribble, Jazzy Jeff, DJ QBert and the Invisbl Skratch Picklz, the X-Ecutioners, and his cousin DJ Snuff, a DJ for a local radio station.

His setup started out small, but with the help of his parents his setup grew and many people around the community took notice and started hiring him for private parties and DJ’s school functions voluntarily.

He hopes to continue his love for Djing through more competitions and by teaching amateur DJ’s the basics so that way the art will live on, and hopes his success as a DJ will help people to recognize the talent that comes from the little city of Orosi.