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During her studies began Hyana with organisation in the nightlife and Clubs. Initial experience from 2003 until 2005 in Orange Bar (Vienna). Full-house parties every w... read more
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Location: Budapest, Hungary Hungary
Real Name: HYANA T
Genre: Techno

During her studies began Hyana with organisation in the nightlife and Clubs.

Initial experience from 2003 until 2005 in Orange Bar (Vienna). Full-house parties every weekend in a sort of After Party. She do the Club Promoter and Manager Works.

2006: Hyana founded the first independent Company under the Name: Heartless Nights Production which organise Parties, first line in Clubs but later also Festivals.

The HNP-Events has become very popular in Vienna.

2007 Szombathely, Hungary/ Hyana organized a successful Night in Club Play.

Later she decided, after several years of work, it is time to start the producer’s own works.

She completed the Finest Selection of Techno album with 3 Mixes:

Trip to Dubai (Progressive House mixed by Hyana Cmiral /Turntables)

Evergreen (Selection of Deep&Progressive House with Hyana..s reworks)

Good Morning Vienna (Detroit Electro-Techno mix by Hyana Cmiral/Turntables)

- Still unreleased Tracks (Promotion Stuff)

(She works tighter with Avalanche Rhytms Records in 2007).

Hyana Cmiral style of music developed quickly, at first was a very colourful it had to be varied to better understand the Music. Such as Tribal, Progressive House music from all over the Techno but only the best quality Music could play on Hyana..s Turntables.

The only benefit of a wide range, such as trying different musical worlds, Instruments& Studio software.

Her sense to music highlighted Hyana with “STAR” DJ..s together in European Clubs.

Step by Step she came closer to her favourite style Detroit-Electro Techno.

Quickly became Hyana a public favourite in turn received invitations to foreign as well.

The first Gigs has already been foreign clubs in Poland, Italy, Austria…The People turned to the young talent cause they liked her human values and professional experiences.

Hyana made many good friends in the Event-Community.

2007 Hyana closed the role of Resident DJane because they are no longer able to reconcile the ever-expanding action.

2008 she moved to Zürich and start to learn Audio Engineering and Electronic Music Producer (SAE Institute).

Clubs she played:

Orange Club, Zoo Club, Empire Club, Foxy Club, Vibration, All in, Office club , Viper Room White Star, Chelley Mühle, M47, Graffity City, K2, Club Player, Stewens Club, Fertő Part Open air, Faktoria, Vintage, Tunnel Club, Bluebox, OXA, Q Club, Club Play, Club Cool, Penthouse….

Countries she played:

Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slowekai, Slovenia, Lichtenstein…

Budapest Parade 2004. on RTL Truck with LSP Promotion, Zürich Streetparade with LSP Promotion, Loveparade 2007 Dortmund…

DJ..s & Producers she worked/played together:

Danilo Vigorito, Eric Sneo, Stephane Signore, Corvin Dalek, Reaky, Mark Ahnk, Valentino Kanzyani, Marco Nastic,Misjah, Christian Valera, Tiefschwarz, Danilo Carboni, DJ Bold, Mario Ranieri, Tony Rohr, Jollan, Koczian, Jankec, Infected Two…

Internet Radios:

FriskyRadio,Justmusic.FM, Para-Radio

This time period is completed by a part of Studio and School and waiting for Summer Tour.

She mix masterfully Minimal and Detroit- Electro.

2010: She will work together with a digital record label and release her own Tracks. She make a Tour in Dubai, Beirut and other Countries in Arabic


Hyana Cmiral