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Hulk is the impulsive, bone-breaking alter-ego of audio-scientists Claw and Richie August. They combined their creative powers for the common good after meeting at the 2009 Winter Music Conference in Miami, exchanging research and data in the fields of Dubstep, Hip Hop and Drum & Bass. But after an experimental dubstep drop exposed them to gamma radiation, their talents fused into the raging, supreme beast that is Hulk.

The deadly duo then began to tear through the music world, crushing all in their path without pity or mercy. Notable heroes have been alerted to and crossed paths with Hulk, including Modestep, Reid Speed, Excision, iwrestledabearonce, Mrk1, Downlink, Dieselboy, Caliban, Bare, The Gaslamp Killer, Emmure, Messinian and DJ Lord of Public Enemy.

Hulk’s first official release was homebased in 2010 on Reid Speed’s Play Me Records as a Beatport Exclusive. The duo recently dropped the bomb known as “The Brotorious EP” on Dieselboy’s SubHuman Records. Unfortunately, Hulk has shown no signs of stopping.

Of further concern, forthcoming releases on BroTown Recs, Mrk1’s Contagious Records, Ultragore and SubHuman Records have only served to garner support for this ground-pounding terror!

The consolidation of their own label, BroTown Records, now with its 20th release, assures that Hulk is not only an unstoppable force, but is now furthering an entirely new batch of artists & collaboration and experimentation, to what ends we cannot know. We fear the music world may be doomed.

We can only hope for salvation as Hulk prepares to destroy by releasing tracks from Messinian, Subshock, Mumblz and of course audio-smashings from Claw and Richie August – together, Hulk.

Prepare for mass Hulking Out around the world as Claw and Richie August combine their super-brains to bust out of convention and SMASH competition.

You’ll like them better when they’re angry.