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Detroit native Hugh Cleal has always kept music close to his heart. Coming from a family of musicians, he picked up the violin at a very early age and quickly mastered the art. He also took part in theatrical plays where he began to sing and act. It was during this time Hugh realized that music and the arts were going to be his life.

In the mid 90’s, Hugh was swept away by the Detroit Techno music scene. Falling in love with techno and house, he quickly began attending numerous underground warehouse raves in Detroit. Soon after this, he founded the legendary group“/sin-de-kat/” along with Detroit natives, Courtney and Dave. Together they produced events that featured Deep Dish, King Britt, Q-Bert, The Pharcyde, Little Louis Vega, Ron Trent, and Funkmaster Flex to name a few.

Hugh quickly gained the respect of his peers with his legendary underground warehouse parties in Detroit such with events such as “Family Ties” and “The Valentines Day Series” in collaboration with a few other local groups. He was then offered a position at Motor which hosted some of Detroit’s best events with the likes of Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Derrick Carter, Deep Dish, and many more. The venue received international press and was voted #1 club in the USA on URB magazine. Shortly thereafter, Hugh was offered a position at Velvet Lounge in Pontiac by long time mentor and good friend, Terrence Parker. Having held residencies at the legendary Motor Lounge, Tonic, and Platinum Windsor over the years, Hugh quickly began to receive offers to perform in cities like Miami, Chicago, Toledo, St Louis, Toronto, and more.

More currently, Hugh is the resident Dj at Vain, who has gained international acclaim in the electronic dance scene as one of the most respectable venues in Detroit. Apart from his busy performance schedule, Hugh is also working in the studio with long time colleague, Yos in preparation for his debut release album scheduled for release in 2010.