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Huda Hudia

Tampa, United States


Kaleidoscope Music
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Basic Information:

One of the most sought after and booked DJ’s in the country. In 1996 Weekly Planet Magazine named him best DJ saying “If DJ’s were the kings of knightlife then his majesty Huda Hudia reigns superior. Like a conductor directing an orchestra of ravers.” Huda Hudia has maintained a top 100 listing on the since the beginning of the site. He is consistently rated within the top 75 DJ’s around the world. Huda Hudia has released over 225 songs on his Kaleidoscope Music, Kaleidoscope All Stars, Puffin’ Records, and Uniscope Records labels. Out of the more than 225 songs released, Huda Hudia, has either written or co-produced 109 of those tracks. He has worked with EA Sports, Huda’s track “System Overload,” is featured on course one of the famed SSX Tricky game. Recently, Huda Hudia tracks have been featured on the popular MTV show Punk’d.


Huda Hudia began his career in 1990, at the tender age of seventeen. Huda Hudia’s musical style has influenced many people in the “scene” over the last 13 years of his career. Huda Hudia is known for his astonishing ability to pick out records with a multitude of different music styles; music styles that excite the masses of die hard underground enthusiasts.

After graduating from high school, Huda Hudia continued DJing while attending the University of South Florida. During his tenure at the University, he had local residencies at The Groove, Eden, and The Masquerade, all located in Tampa. He has also headlined in parties all across America and Canada. After graduating from USF, Huda Hudia had to choose between a professional career in DJing or a career within the marketing field. Huda Hudia says it was not hard to decide. He explains, “I would rather be doing what I truly love and enjoy, rather than have to put on a suit every morning and go to work. The idea was that if DJing didn’t work out, I would still have my degree to fall back on.” Well, there are a lot of us who are happy he decided to stick with his dreams.

The style and blend of music Huda Hudia has brought to the underground Florida dance scene was recognized by the Weekly Planet (a Tampa Bay area newspaper), when he was voted the city’s Best DJ in 1996. The article goes on to read, “Back in the good old days when dancers partied all night and sobered up in time for lunch, DJs were Tampa’s superstars. They had their own followings- devoted fans worshipping the sounds and the feelings of the party. If they were the kings of nightlife, then his majesty Huda Hudia reigned superior with an unbelievable ability to spin explosive sounds at clubs like the Masquerade. Pacifier-sucking kids would line up for blocks to get a piece of blown-up techno action. Like a conductor directing an orchestra of ravers, Huda Hudia spread the energy on thick and the crowd responded wildly with screams and whistles.” Quite an article!!!

In early 1997, Huda Hudia decided to branch out from DJing and formed the label Kaleidoscope Music. His label has met with instant success with the release of four hit records, three of which were produced by “Junior Camp,” a music group of which Huda Hudia is the creator and founder. Huda Hudia’s three hit records include, Blazing Piano’s, The Rhythm EP and Clap Your Hands. Huda Hudia’s last release Clap Your Hands (Junior Camp), licensed to Tripoli Trax, UK, debuted at #7 in the UK National Charts and is featured on the latest Ministry of Sound Compilation CD Mixed by Pete Tong and Boy George (Released: Kaleidoscope USA, Tripoli Trax, UK). Huda Hudia has also produced remixes for The Cotton Club’s hit single New Jack (Adrenaline Records), Atnarko Bear’s single Tunnel Vision (DB Records), and 43’s single “How the bass kiks” (Kaleidoscope Records). Huda Hudia’s remix of the hit song I’ll House You by the Jungle Brothers was released by South Florida’s hit sensation Toxik Twins (a compilation of DJ Hardware and DJ Remix), on August 1st under the Warlock and Aureaus Records’ label, New York. On August 29, 1998, Billboard Magazine rated it number 1 for Hot Dance Breakouts for Maxi-singles sales. Titles listed in this section of Billboard have future chart potential, based on club play or sales reported. Huda Hudia did not hit legendary status until the releases of “C’mon Breakdown” and “Drop the Bass Now.” Combined, these releases sold more that 14,000 units worldwide. “C’mon Breakdown” sold and astonishing 7,500 units and “Drop the Bass Now” sold 6,500 units. Today Huda Hudia continues to break new ground with his endless amounts of releases.

From 1998 to present Huda Hudia and DJ Volume have been releasing smash hit records one after another as “The Hotheadz.” Together they have sold more that 20,000 units worldwide, and have toured together in more than 20 states.

From 2001 to 2002 Huda Hudia also worked with DJ Fixx. Together they released tracks under the names Funk Junkies, Hausine, Filter Freaks, System 101, and many others.

Huda Hudia’s mixed CD’s include United House Nation, Get Down to the Funk, Y2Funk, Worldwide Sessions, and Unified Funk.