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Howard Donald

London, United Kingdom


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  • Funky Dory 15/16 Year Anniversary -With NIKKI BELLE - Live PA

    HiFi Club

    Sat 17th July 11 PM
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Howard Donald plays a unique blend of sexy, funky, driving electro house. He began his illustrious career as a DJ, playing at any party he could barge his way into, commandeering turntables just to play out to a crowd, such was his passion. Unfortunately Howards DJing was interrupted when he was asked to perform as part of a 5-strong pop group called Take That, racking up No.1 hits in almost every country around the world, Howard stayed true to his roots and DJd at every party the boys attended.

Once the media rollercoaster had subsided Howard concentrated on capitalizing on his success to forward his DJing, promptly picking up dates at the some of the best clubs and festivals all over the world. His unique position of celebrity DJ has been both a blessing and a curse, with some promoters initially turning up their noses. For this reason Howard concentrated on securing dates internationally rather than concentrating on the typically snooty UK market. Those same promoters came back to Howard with offers of dates, knowing that his name alone would guarantee a full club. Once inside, Howard would leave everyone speechless with his undeniable talent and dedication to music. Refusing to go down the route of party DJ Howard has strived to play a more refined style of music, taking influences from Deep House, Electro and Tech House.

With guest slots at some of the most prestigious parties in the UK and recognized as the highest profile UK DJ to perform in Germany Howard was right to stick to his musical guns and is now reaping the rewards. The press and media have all been very keen to document Howards rise through the dance music ranks, with programs in production and already shown courtesy of Channel 4, Granada, BBC1 and ITV1 all focusing on his current career. Wherever Howard goes, the press isnt far behind, guaranteeing excellent exposure for any club he guests at. He also formed a collective Diskonnect with Miguel Pellitero (DTPM and Mix Mag favourite), Vicki Edwards (DJ Superstar), Luke Hope (Salvation, Atelier), Eve Lo (Amsterdam, NY) and Tonnic (Trade Lite, 2Kinky, Po na na). Remix projects include Stomp on Shlepp Records, 70s TV themes, Kym Mazelle, Patti La Belle, Divas on the Diaamong other original projects. The Diskonnect formula has also transcended to the dance floor with the collective spinning grooves to a packed dance floor that incorporates NY house, Latin beats, Tribal grooves and those funky, dirty house beats. The Airport Arrival 2CD Compilation Howard mixed together in 2004 with Ralf Gum from Go Go music was a great success with the fans and the press. Howard is currently working hard in the studio to release his next housemusic projects. Howard has toured the world many times over with stops in : UK, Germany, Spain, Italy , France, Austria, Russia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Ukraine, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Luxemburg