Houston Project is the fresh duo formed by dj's Eran Barnea and Moran Kariv, who have been a strong presence in the Israeli dance scene since the late 90's, and have reside... read more
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Houston Project is the fresh duo formed by dj’s Eran Barnea and Moran Kariv, who have been a strong presence in the Israeli dance scene since the late 90’s, and have residency at the most prestigious clubs in Tel Aviv. Having mastered the club, dance, and events scene, the boys got together and joined their forces in creating music of their own. They started working on original material and remixes, as well as collaborations with other artists, and their first released single “Think about the Way” featuring Shirley, a remix of ICE MC’s early 90’s track, quickly made it to the top of the charts. With the release of this first single, Houston Project had a lift off.Although the duo produces mainly uplifting dance music, they are not tied to one style, and their tunes range from electro funk and funky disco, to latin house. Since their formation, they have been rocking the dance floors and topping the radio charts as Tel Aviv’s most popular dance act, and are starting to spread their beats in clubs and events around Europe. Houston – We have no problem

DJ Eran Barnea

DJ Eran Barnea, has been deejaying for over 20 years. He started out as a kid and deejayed at his class mate’s parties, and what starts and remains for many as a hobby, turned into a professional and fulfilling career for Eran. Eran quickly discovered that the love he has for music is a gift which he can transform using his unique talent to “read” people musically speaking. From that point, Eran soon became the leading DJ in his area, and from there the road to conquering all the major dance floors in Israel was a short and easy one. Eran joined “Musica Plus” in 1999, where he met DJ Moran Kariv. In 2001 Eran moved on and opened “Barnea Music Services”, which is one of the leaders in Israel. Eran has played as resident DJ in the major clubs in Israel such as Tlv, Oman 17, Ku millennium, Pacha, Dome and more – and has also performed as guest DJ at many local and international festivals, the Love parade and Heineken Sundance to name but a few. Eran has also performed with some internationally acclaimed DJ’s such as Tiesto and John Digweed. In 2005 Eran played at David Guetta’s club “LA SUITE” in Paris on New Years Eve, and in the “Spirits Club” in Miami in 2006. Along with conquering the major dance floors, Eran started remixing and producing hits for the dance floor that became popular among other DJ ‘s… Eran also mixed a series of hits albums which were released in Israel by N.M.C. Nowadays Eran performs as a guest DJ at the major clubs in Israel and organizes hundreds of events every year. Alongside his collaboration in Houston Project, he also runs his own company which employs 4 additional DJ’s who play in the top bars, clubs and events.

DJ Moran Kariv

DJ Moran Kariv, got acquainted with music at an early age. His mom was a singer in a popular band and his father was a well known composer / producer. This musical atmosphere contributed enormously to Moran’s musical identity and introduced him to a huge variety of musical styles and genres. At only 13 years of age, Moran started his DJ career by spinning vinyls and playing tape cassettes using “borrowed” equipment from his father. He gradually gained more and more knowledge and expertise in the field of deejaying as he broadened his collection of music and built on his experiences in playing music, and on people’s reaction to it. Moran’s reputation as a DJ grew, but he did not stop at that, and started “invading” his father studio during the nights. Soon he was creating his own tunes and testing it with much success time after time on the dance floor. In 1997, after a long solo DJ / producer career, Moran signed to a leading DJ company – “Musica Plus”, and started to play alongside the top DJ’s in Israel. He deejayed in every major club in Israel, and also got gigs in San Francisco, Germany, Spain, Turkey, and France. Next to developing as one of the leading DJ’s in Israel, he continued making music – focusing on dance floor tunes. One of the peaks in his career was in 2003, when he opened the main stage at the Love Parade with one of his tracks in front of 250,000 people. This track was also the Love Parade’s anthem for this year. As a producer and remixer, he worked with all the major record companies in Israel, and released numerous tracks which became hits on the radio, as well as the dance floors. By 1999 DJ Eran Barnea was a renowned DJ, and was signed with “Musica Plus”. Eran and Moran soon discovered their common taste in music, and got together to form the by now well-reputable “Houston Project”.

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Houston Project