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Hossam Eldin

Hurghada, Egypt

Electro House, House


Hossam Eldin was born in Suez which is one of the most important cities in Egypt and worldwide known as well. DJ Project ( Hossam Eldin ) has started his career in 2000 when he took his very first steps into the world of music. He´s been introduced to the world of electro and mtv music. His passion and love to music was rising up for a very long time. By his own Hossam Eldin realized to get more but the world was against him as well as the social class he belonged to and only several resources could connect him with world of professional music. But it has been his passion what gave him power to reach more, even the electronic music was strange end meaningless for most of the people around him. Exactly in that time he decided to finish all the discussions about his future and hold his future strongly in his hands. With every possibility he has found, he changed his future radically. He has met people who know how great electro and house music is and as well those were the people who realized how talented and great can Hossam Eldin be. The dream of an ordinary boy from Suez became true. The wish of being a professional DJ became an everyday reality.

DJ & MC Project .

Hossam Eldin has became the resident DJ and head manager of Buda Ramoza Beach Club 5 years ago. He started to entertain people and spread out the sound of his music not just in Egypt but in Dubai, Belgium and Russia as well.

And now DJ Hossam Eldin Project is ready to make the parties all around the world. Everywhere, anytime. Feel his positive energy and make nightlife in your city very unique with DJ Hossam Eldin Project.

Here he comes!