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Accentbuster (Frank Wirth) from Fulda (Hassia/Germany) started producing electronic music in 1992 and has been active in DJing as “DJ Horus” as well as presenting a couple of live performances at electronic dance music events with his different projects.

After having started making music by programming the C64Žs SID and the upcoming soundcards of the PC, he realized the advantages of production with a hardware synth and MIDI sequencing at the age of 14. Today he has changed the kind of music production to the use of software tools in large parts, but he has never lost the contact to the good old hardware synths completely. Since he began producing electronic dance music he has finished hundreds of tracks (nobody has really count them so far) with many projects, many of them together with friends out of the also strongly music-interested posse around him.

It was the year 1992 when Frank had his first contact with techno music, but it took one more year for a deeper touch. Since he was strongly influenced by the sound of the clubs in Frankfurt am Main, his first half of productions were mainly positioned in the genres Trance and Acid. Later on, his preferred music style changed to more rhythmical oriented Progressive Techno and at last to Tech House and Deep House, but it is still a very important concern for him that the music he plays and produces never loses the connection to where it originated.