Horace Dan D. Beatport


Horace Dan D. or Horatiu Dan Dumitras was born in 1974 – Cluj-napoca, Romania. Graduate of the Academic School of Management from the Technical University Cluj-Napoca.

He started the first techno broadcast in Transilvania (the second in Romania)- Techno vibe on Radio Sonic Cluj. From October 1997 until April 1998 he was the host of a new electronic underground broadcast (Rave Vision) on Uniplus Radio Cluj.

In November-December 2001 he was the host of the broadcast “Club Ibiza” on Impuls Radio Cluj.This is the place where a live mix on turntables was broadcast for the first time in Romania (with electronic music).

In 2003 was the first Romanian dj who had a tour outside Romania (in Germany).

In 2004 was guest dj at Street Parade Zurich at the secondary open air scene , at the party called La Nuit Blanche , in Klub 2.Akt and Sky Club.

In 2005 was dj guest at Mayday Budapest in Hungary.