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“Whether sampling other artists or composing his own beats, DJ Hoppa has an innate sense of groove that never comes across as manufactured or mechanical. He borrows sparingly and delivers tastefully — never running classic tracks into the ground, but presenting them as gentle reminders of the better days, back in the day.”

-Jamey Bresden (The Deli Magazine LA)

Lee Gresh, AKA DJ Hoppa, was born April 28th to a musical family. His mother being a Cellist, and father having played the Trumpet, he was literally raised on music. From age 5 and on, he has grasped various instruments from the musical spectrum, starting with Piano, Drums, Bass and Guitar; then moving onto Samplers, MPCs, Technics Turntables, and so forth.

Finding like minded individuals in his hometown, DJ Hoppa developed a growing and prosperous Hip Hop scene in the San Fernando Valley (CA) through his label Broken Complex, a thriving imprint specializing in Indie Hip Hop, DJs, and Roots Reggae. It was through these efforts that Hoppa was noticed by Funk Volume, and since teaming up with Hopsin and SwizZz on their nationwide ‘I AM RAW’ Tour, he has officially joined their roster.

As an artist, DJ Hoppa has produced 8 Full-Length albums and various Digi-Singles (All available on iTunes), a slew of Mixtapes, Mashups, and Remixes, with no sign of slowing down. He has shared the stage with acts ranging from Hardcore Hip Hop (Ghostface Killah, Immortal Technique) to even more mainstream club acts (Kid Sister, Crystal Method), and has been the touring DJ for too many artists to name drop.

As a DJ, Hoppa’s style is universal, blending genres seamlessly while maintaining a high energy and good vibe that keeps the crowd on their feet and wanting more.