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    Sun 11th March 2 AM
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Growing up in northwest Florida, DJ Hook was a regular skate rat kid till about ‘96. After a jacked up ankle (the zombie helped rehabilitate) on an after school skate sesh with his longtime homie kyle-styles, the Hook’s dreams of flippin stairs and shcwingin rails were pretty much done. Not being able to kik the skate nomo Hook found himself right in the middle of a growing breakdancin scene in his home town of Pensacola. After a while a couple of his friends were starting to play turntables out at the local clubs. The after school skate seshes turned into breakbattles in in the middle of kennykillz livinroom while ken bumped mixes gettin ready for the weekend. Learning to scratch and beatmatch on his homies gear Hook eventually got his first own pair of tables in ‘99(which he still owns). He later moved to Gainesville to go to college and scope out the music scene in 2000. There he met DJ/production guru Mr. Bambu. Being taken under Bambu’s wing for his raw unsculpted scratch sound, and like minded musical tastes Hook was taught the ins and outs of rockin a party and rippin the cut. Soon Hook had the skills to kill it. When he figured out that riding waves was an awesome substitute for skating, Gainesville was too far to live from the beach. He struck out for the hard partying beaches of Jacksonville in 2003. Shortly after moving he met up with DJ Raw Feel a reggae collector from Ireland. The two have since started a partnership in DJing that is rare to find. As a team the two feed off each others energy on the tables producing a mix of vibrant and ruff sounds. The two split up for a while when the Hook Decided to kick it to the Carribean and left for an extended winter-long surf trip. Moving his show to Puerto Rico in the fall of ‘05 he met RION of Axiom*Roots, an up and coming mc/producer from New Jersey. The two spent the entire season rockin parties in Rincon for the underground crew of UNCHARTED PRODUCTIONS. After an amazing season of surf and insane parties Hook is back to Jax Bch gettin his Florida back on. He’s finishing up on an international business degree @ UNF while flippin records and smackin faders…