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Starting off as an MC, at the early age of 13, Hoodzie (known then as MC Victim) found himself on one of the biggest Pirate radio stations in London FreezeFM. Whilst MC’ing through various genre Hoodzie became more interested in the engineering side of music and started to create his own tracks using his Playstation. With standard EQ’s and limited sounds Hoodzie self-taught himself how to structure music in all types of genres.

In 2001 Hoodzie left school to pursue his dream of being heavily involved in music (Stay in school kids!). The Princes Trust offered him the chance to learn more about producing music using Reason. This gave him the opportunity to pull away from a standard music game and learn the basics of some kind of professional music software. He left the project with the knowledge on creating his own setup at home. A cheap computer was bought and Reason installed so now was the time for him to increase his experience and knowledge. Creating his own sounds from his bedroom Hoodzie gained more and more experience by reading up on the internet and listening to all different types of genres and trying to copy the sounds and layouts.

After being so involved with the urban side of music Hoodzie was then introduced to Happy Hardcore by some school friends, Something completely different to anything he had listened to and he was soon to fall in love with the music and the scene that surrounded it. After listening to Hardcore artists such as Sy, Force & Styles, Breeze, Seduction etc Hoodzie decided to pursue his dream as a DJ/Producer. After years of producing with friends from school Hoodzie and his close friend Steve (Undefined) focussed on getting the kind of sound that was created in 2001 in Hardcore to soon be known as UK Hardcore.

By 2007 Hoodzie & Undefined managed to engineer 2 tracks with a vocalist they had met online ( Marie Louise) with Hoodzie travelling up to Birmingham from London to get in a studio with Marie Louise they managed to get 2 tracks finished and sent them off to all the major labels within the Hardcore scene.

DJ Force who owned UK Dance at the time grabbed both the tracks for the label and gave Hoodzie & Undefined there first vinyl release which included a remix from Sy & Unknown. Both tracks ‘Fly With Me’ & ‘Journey’ were featured on an album named ‘Hard, Fast and Furious’ and the Sy & Unknown remix featured on ‘True Hardcore’.

Going separate ways in 2008 Hoodzie carried on spending all his time in the studio and created his own label ‘Tryed N Tested’ with the aim to try and help immerging artists push into the scene. Under his Tryed N Tested label Hoodzie also created Ravers Addition, a free downloadable album, featuring the new talent signed to his label. Hitting well over 3000 download over all 6 albums Hoodzie carries on this free album for the pure love of the Hardcore scene.

Hoodzie has now had the support from the likes of Sy, Kutski and Billy Bunter and recently has had tracks signed to Future World. In addition Hoodzie has recently signed MC Steal, MC Echo and DJ Dan C with the aim for them to grow as a label and to hit the main stage at all major events up and down the country. A new dream to be accomplished and to be pursued with the determination Hoodzie is becoming well known for.

Starting 2012 off with a bang Hoodzie is now working on various albums with artists such as MC Static, Taya Clade and more! Mark Breeze has now signed Hoodzie as an artist to the major label FutureWorld Records. Be sure to watch out for plenty of releases on FutureWorld records from Hoodzie.