“What is a rebel but a man who is able to say yes to the impossible and no to the ordinary?” – Anonymous HONOREBEL DISCOGRAPHY: http://www.phuel-ent.com/wp-content/uploads... read more
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“What is a rebel but a man who is able to say yes to the impossible and no to the ordinary?” – Anonymous

HONOREBEL DISCOGRAPHY: http://www.phuel-ent.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/honorebel-5.html

Honorebel, to which he explains that the Honor comes from his humbleness, while the Rebel is his Fighting Warrior Spirit. It was this very same spirit that took his musician status to the next level, often sharing the same stage with Jamaica’s biggest dance-hall acts. His electrifying stage performances soon became the buzz of the country and Honorebel was sworn into the ranks of his childhood heroes.”

Honorebel launched his Musical Career in the late 90′s and soon found himself collaborating with Reggae Legends such as Sly and Robbie, while infusing Hip‐Hop Beats with producers like Scott Storch. It was inevitable that Honorebel’s music quickly morphed. He infused various styles to fit his deliverance, ranging from Roots Dance-hall to crunk‐hip‐Hop and techno‐pop to pop‐rock. Honorebel began to widen his musical catalog and his audience appeal, reaching as far as Russia, where he performed live at the Russian MTV Video Music Awards in 2007 with Russia Pop Star, Julia Kova.

Because of his diverse musical style, Honorebel found himself standing outside the music industry box. Unable to label him as just a traditional reggae singer, Honorebel was quickly initiated as a cross‐over artist. Honorebel explains, “I’m not afraid to experiment with different genre of music. Reggae Music is my foundation, but I feel my creativity transcends beyond that. You can throw me into Hip‐Hop, Soca, Latin, Dance, Classical, whatever and I’ll deliver.”

So as the music industry continues it’s hardest to categorize and label, it’s official – Honorebel rebels against the status quo and continue to break barriers as he sets new sights and heights. He states it best, “I’ve fought all my life to achieve my goals and dreams. Even when I’m told that I can’t, I still fight to prove that I can.” And with all that’s going for him now, rebellion never sounded this sweet!